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Hi there and welcome, Stephen McGouran here from Ireland, and this is my online blog honest Affiliate Income, which I’ve been running now for the last two years.

My background is in the Health and Fitness Industry and staying active and challenging my physical limits is something I’ve loved doing my whole life. I got started online as I wanted to reach a wider audience through blogging to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. And I thought to myself why not earn some extra income referring health and fitness products to people all over the world that can truly be of benefit to their lives, and obviously with the internet being used the world over meant I could help people everywhere and not just back home in Ireland.

Very soon after getting started, I realized I had to learn the ropes and that there is much more to creating a quality website than I first thought!

As you can imagine, I came across a lot of rubbish products promising me the world with minimum effort. I got ripped off more than once along the way and in one situation I ended up paying 5000 dollars for a product where the owner who is still around and as far as I concerned, really screwed me over.

Without me going on too much of a rant I was young and immature, and I got sucked right in! For what I was getting charged there was zero customer support; I was told I’d be raking in 1000’s of dollars a week in around eight weeks time. I did a one hour Skype chat once a week with some guy(can’t remember his name) who had little interest in helping me out although he seemed ok and after five weeks I was on my own never to hear from them again, and this cost me 5K!!

I felt I’d got taken for a ride but instead of getting angry I decided to turn it into a positive.

Don’t get me wrong I was pretty pissed though at the time, but I changed course online and instead I of going after health and fitness I chose to do this site instead talking about affiliate marketing and do money online product reviews.

My goal is to be completely honest and thoroughly review every product/course I can get my hands on that promises to make newcomers etc. to become rich through the internet! I will be sincere and help as many people as possible from getting scammed the way I did a few years back because it hurt when it happened!

In my opinion, most people go online looking for the change in their lives because often they’re not happy with their current financial situation in life, a lot of cowboys in the online world are well aware of this, so they promote their product claiming to make the beginner online great wealth on autopilot! Unfortunately, most of the time the vast majority of these products are marketed very well but have little substance and by the time the newbie marketer figures this out, they’ve already spent their hard earned money and end up being upset not just with what they bought but also with themselves!

As I review products here week by week, you’ll see first hand what they’re all about and if they’re worth getting or avoiding altogether! Let me know if you want me to review any products you find yourself online in the comments section below or if you want to do it privately just message in the contact section in the sidebar, and I’ll be back to you with the answers and my opinion on a given product/service on offer!

Building your site online is a great achievement, something to really be proud of, can be life changing and is also a natural extension of your personality when you do it about something you’ve real passion for! There are many ways to learn, and I hope to show you the best from my experience!

The possibilities are endless, and once you get the hang of things the world is your market and you can take it as far as you want!

If you’ve got this far, I just want to thank you for reading my story as to why this sites up in the first place and I look forward to helping you out!

Thanks and all the best


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