AffiliateU Review 2016: Badass Training From A Real Pro!!

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Special Report: Tired of not earning enough Affiliate Commissions? Check out this AffiliateU Review about Tim Schmidt ‘s “Persona Hacking University” that works for Affiliates in any niche!

This AffiliateU review was created by Honest Affiliate Income to discuss this new affiliate marketing training community.

AffiliateU Review

Honest Affiliate Income head writer Stephen McGouran investigates a new training program that is quickly becoming popular in the Internet Marketing niche

For the past two months, our readers have been asking about a new affiliate marketing course called AffiliateU that has come on the scene that’s helping people become a success online as affiliate marketers. I decided to join up and give people this AffiliateU Review after spending the last few weeks implementing the strategies and “Persona Hacking” method that Tim bases his course around.

Tim Schmidt’s course is unlike any other affiliate marketing course I’ve seen on the market in that he incorporates what he calls “Persona Hacking” into his multiple affiliate marketing businesses with excellent results!

We know that for a lot of beginner affiliate marketers making money online can seem like an impossible challenge especially when starting out. At Honest Affiliate Income we’ve reviewed numerous products that have turned out to be overpriced scams that end up leaving the customers angry after spending their hard earned money on something that’s either out of date or just doesn’t work! In this AffiliateU Review, we take a look at a product that promises to deliver and makes it easy for beginners all the way to advanced to get started as affiliate marketers in their chosen niche and yield real results!

After joining AffiliateU, I could already see people getting results by incorporating Tim’s methods for their affiliate marketing sites...

AffiliateU Review

What's In The Program?

The training is broken down into five modules in a university style setting with professor Tim, which is cool, but he backs it up. The aim of taking someone from a beginner all the way up to a super affiliate in his or her chosen niche. On top of that, you have the other sections of the course that include the webinar section for monthly webinars, the general education section, etc.

Module 1 Orientation: Tim lays out the foundation here for how the rest of the course is going to play out with the welcome video, here he sets the tone by going through the course syllabus and explaining to complete beginners what exactly is affiliate marketing.

Module 2 Choosing Your Major: In this section Tim expands on module 1 by going niche specific with affiliate marketing and then looking at different affiliate programs to promote in that chosen niche.

Tim goes into great detail on public and private affiliate programs and how to analyze the competition in a given niche.

Module 3 The Library: In module 3 you learn about some of the factors that are important as you build out your site and develop and share your content.

The library is expanding all the time, which is important, as Tim is here to stay with this training platform as he plans to evolve the program continually over time.

Module 4 Off Campus: Tim goes into detail here on all the other traffic sources besides Google here. These include Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Web 2.0’s, etc.

In this section, you’ll learn all the strategies needed to build out your community and following online.Tim has some excellent strategies for getting traffic to your site from these platforms, where you should spend your time to get the most bang for you buck and where you’ll waste your time if you’re not careful.

Module 5 Advanced Classes: This is where Tim over delivers. In the advanced classes, there are over 20 strategies and tactics that I have not seen anywhere else to really nail down your expert status that will work in any niche over and over again.

These tactics include:

  • ​Becoming a guest writer on popular blogs in your niche.
  • Commission Hacking.
  • “Holiday Hacking” for extra affiliate commissions.
  • How to use SEM Rush to gain an unfair advantage over you competition and many other out of the box strategies!

There is also a very helpful Facebook group where Tim is helping people out on a daily basis. As I tested out AffiliateU, which I’ll go into below Tim, was always there to help me out with anything I needed help with or was unsure of along the way.

If you’re feeling skeptical right now you're not alone..

When I first learned about AffiliateU I too was skeptical of the training platform, and I considered it to be similar to a lot of the affiliate marketing products that continually get rolled out over the last few years.

Despite my doubts, I decided to give AffiliateU a shot because it comes with a money back guarantee from Tim. I would test out some of Tim’s strategies and see if it made any difference to my site.

To test out AffiliateU, I would not add any new content to my site but only incorporate some of the Persona Hacking and Social Media strategies Tim teaches to see if traffic to my site would improve.

  1. ​Incorporate Social Media tactics from the Off-Campus module.
  2. Start implementing some of the strategies from the Advanced Classes.

These were my results – Traffic  to my site doubled and some extra affiliate commissions too:

Week 1:

​I set-up my site as a business on Google and then verified it with Google and this instantly improved my rankings, only one of many hacks I learned about in AffiliateU that I never thought of before.

​This hack made my site look a lot more legit and gave my site much more weight with Google, which is always a good thing!

Week 2:

I cleaned up some of the content I had already published, cleaned up some of my on-page SEO using plugins Tim recommends to improve my already existing content.

Two weeks later after doing an incognito search in Google for some of my posts, I could see them climbing up the ranks for certain keywords and needless to say I was happy

​At this point, I had a lot more faith in AffiliateU as more than just another scam but quality training that works when you put the time and effort into it!

Week 3:​

I applied some of the strategies that Tim teaches on social media and building my site out as a brand and at this point just with a few little tweaks my websites traffic shot up!

Week 4:

By week 4 I was a firm believer in Tim and his teachings, my sites traffic has gone up and stayed up, and the unexpected commissions I can only assume are from the strategies executed from AffiliateU.

I confidently look forward to applying many other strategies from the community and when communicating back and forth with Tim if I had a question regarding one of his strategies I saw that he’s a good guy too that want's people to go after it and make a killing online!

"I couldn’t be happier with the results I got from the AffiliateU after the healthy increase of traffic to my site!"

In conclusion, if you want to achieve success as an affiliate marketer and are looking to learn off someone who is legit and walks his talk then you need to try this program out for yourself. From my own test for Honest Affiliate Income, we can tell you that the results are real. We had our own doubts but after the 4-week experiment after only implementing some of Tim's training those doubts vanished, and now that I’ve been in the private AffiliateU Facebook group I can happily say that other people are finding success with AffiliateU too!

Click below to see AffiliateU for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this AffiliateU Review, if you found it helpful please share it around and if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them below.

Cheers, Stephen​.


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