Affilorama Review for 2015… Is it any use?

  • Name: Affilorama by Mark Ling
  • Website URL:
  • Price: 1$ for 30-Day Trial, $67 monthly and $497 for three years + upsells.
  • Rating: 72 out of 100.

Affilorama Review Overview

This Affilorama Review is on an Internet Affiliate Marketing course called Affilorama that began in 2005 by Mark Ling from New Zealand and is a community dedicated to teaching people how to build an online affiliate business.Affilorama Review

Affilorama provides step-by-step training for everyone from beginner to the advanced marketer, so it caters for all levels but in my opinion I would say a lot of it is for the beginner just starting out! There are a few different packages on offer and as you will see the course has evolved since 2005 unlike so many others in the industry, but it has not grown very much compared to the ever-changing online business world!

I’ll break down the different parts of the entire Affilorama Membership in this Affilorama Review, but first, I just want to go through the Pros and Cons of Affilorama.


  • It’s free to get started so you can get your feet wet at no cost.
  • The site is member focused with an active forum instead of just a static pdf/video series which will increase its value over time as the Internet changes.
  • The educational resources set up well and easy to follow. The videos have bulleted overviews and voice over’s that are easy to listen to and pdf that you can download for each video.


  • You don’t get to contact Mark directly, and it usually takes a day or two to get your reply from support.
  • A lot of the training is dated and now in 2015 with many of Google’s changes the info can be harmful to your business, especially since around 80% of your traffic will come from Google.
  • Even though it’s free to get started, the free version is very limited compared to the many paid versions.
  • The program starts to get very expensive after the many upsell compared to the initial launch cost.

Who is Affilorama for?

As said earlier Affilorama is geared towards beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketer, so no prior knowledge of affiliate marketing is needed. Website building, hosting, marketing strategies and many more areas are all covered.

The breakdown of Affilorama’s levels and training within the program.

Affilorama basic consists of some videos, the blog, and their member’s forum. It’s a good way to start, as it doesn’t cost you anything but to progress quickly you would have to upgrade to the premium version, and that’s the goal of the free version.

Affilorama Premium offers additional training, extra software, and interviews with successful Internet Entrepreneurs from different areas of Internet marketing, in my opinion, this is Affilorama’s flagship program.

From there we have the many upsells in the community that makes it confusing as you’re not 100% what you need actually to start making money in Affiliate Marketing. These upsell include Affilojetpack, Affiloblueprint, and Affilotheme, which will all be discussed in detail below.

Affilorama Premium: The Premium membership is $67 per month and I consider this product to be the flagship of Affilorama, there is also a 30-day trial for $1.

Affilotheme: Affilotheme is an accessory to your website building, it gives you some features to your site like squeeze pages and opt-in templates but for $97 it’s not necessary since you can get pretty much all of that free online like WordPress anyway. Right now though it seems only to be part of the Afiloblueprint package.

Affiloblueprint: Affiloblueprint is $197 for a one-time payment but pretty much everything you get here is already in Affilorama Premium. It’s really for people who just want the education without all of the extras, but one of the issues is that anyone who purchases Blueprint will need to purchase the Premium package after the year of free web hosting to continue moving forward.

Affilojetpack: Affiloblueprint are pre-made websites complete done for you materials which include email, banners, etc., and this does pretty much 80% of your work, but you won’t learn anything. It’s for people who don’t want to put forth the proper effort to become truly competent in at least the basics of running an online business. This upsell costs $497 but then you need to fork out another $10 for a year of hosting and then another $20 every month for email autoresponder, so you’re starting out at least $527 before even actually getting started.

Personally, not even considering the huge price to get started with this one. I would stay well away from any product that does not make you go through the proper learning curve as that’s a regular part of the process of getting moving for any business online or offline; it’s essential to know any business to have success in that given industry.

What I don’t like about Affilorama’s Products:

1.Poor support Network: When you join they do offer support and answer your questions, but you only get you reply over a few days. You don’t get to have any contact with Mark Ling directly, now and then he’s on the forum or blog, but you don’t get to talk to him directly at any time.

mark-ling2.Backlinking: Since the introduction of Google Panda and Penguin, an increasing number of websites have been removed. 25% of the Bootcamp lessons teach backlinking strategies, and personally, it doesn’t make much sense to be paying through the nose for information that apparently hasn’t been updated and with no sign of it happening anytime soon so keep well away from it!

3.Private Label Rights (PLR) Copied Content: Seriously using content written by the author which consists of Articles, eBooks, etc. which can be utilized by just about anyone hence the copied content. Affilorama makes it sound easy, but it would be a whole lot easier if you just write it yourself and make it unique as this duplicate content signals an alarm to the search engines to de-rank these sites.Screen-Shot-2012-02-28-at-6.44.06-AM

4.The fees and way too many upsells: $67 is pretty steep especially since the going rate is about $47 for an equal if not a higher standard of product. From what I can see, there’s not much reason to pay the extra $20 a month. As a beginner, I would not know where to start with all the products within Affilorama and it bothers me when you pay for a product but don’t get all of the services in one place ready to go!

My overall opinion

I think if you’re just getting started there is lots of great information continued within Affilorama, that being said I have had an honest opinion of Affilorama, and it hasn’t all been positive!

I do consider it to be one of the better programs out there in an industry full of charlatans and con artists.

I would say though that with the flawed advice, huge upsells and dated information are more than enough reasons for someone to go elsewhere for a superior product and service that’s FREE to get started to help one achieve real success online.

 Final Product overview

  • Name: Affilorama by Mark Ling.
  • Website URL:
  • Price: $1 for a 30-day trial, $67 Monthly and $497 for three years and upsells.
  • Rating: 72 out of 100.          cooltext1444418697

As always I hope you enjoyed this Affilorama Review, and if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them below, and I will get back to you quickly!


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