Automated Wealth Network Review – Is It Really Free?

  • Product Name: Automated Wealth Network.
  • Overall Ranking: 45 out of 100.
  • Price: Free to get started but then you have to pay money to earn money through the incentive programs.
  • Owners: Tim Chesonis and Mike Cocan.
  • Website:

 What Exactly Is The Automated Wealth Network All About?

Automated Wealth Network (AWN), which is promoted as a free money making system by Owners Tim Chesonis and Mike Cocan but once you set yourself up to do any promoting you then have to pay monthly fees for the actual networks you want to promote and make money from.Automated Wealth Network Review

So in saying that Automated Wealth Network is free to join is true but then there are numerous upsells within the training area for what the program is based on promoting which very sneaky in my opinion. Also the fact that the individual you joined AWN under will actually receive a commission from those networks if you decide to go ahead to pay the monthly fee so you can do promotion of your own based on AWN’s training. Again there’s a hidden agenda here, at least a lot of the time anyway!

 How the AWN Works – From Joining To Making Money

As mentioned previously upon entering the AWN sales page you’re told that it’s free to get started and that what you’re promoting is not MLM or Affiliate Marketing but Incentive Marketing. It’s fairly obvious the deeper you go in the training that it’s pretty much affiliate marketing with some elements of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

In the members section, you have to start coughing up some money if you want to promote the two networks, which are 1. My Cash Freebies and 2. Power Leads System. I will go into more detail on both these networks under price section but to join them, you have to submit your credit card details, phone number, and address. Now from something that was free to me now having to give certain personal details that include my credit card doesn’t make sense.

From here to finally making your first $30 commission you have to refer someone else to Automated Wealth Network and they earn one credit in My Cash Freebies but only if they purchase something there. As your referral goes through the same sales process as you have, they will get to Power Leads System. There are a lot of good things here that include Lead Capture Pages, Video Sales Pages, Link Tracking, etc. but the only thing you’re allowed to promote is the Power Leads System itself. If you want to make commissions from Power Leads System, you have to join up as both a member and an affiliate, which are $27/Month and $23.97/Month respectively. I think this is a joke, to get a $20 monthly commission you have to pay $50.97 a month especially when this whole process is meant to be free although I never really believed that.

The crazy thing about all of this is that there is no real product for anyone who wants to join up, it’s just a crazy cycle.


  • There is no upfront fee, and you can always use the initial free training to improve your SEO for e.g. if you have a site on another platform that needs help getting ranked this free training will assist you for sure.
  • There are live hangouts where you can get your questions answered.
  • They offer a free email autoresponder, so you don’t have to use an email service such as Aweber. As great as Aweber is you still have to pay for it, so it’s nice to get this for free.
  • The training is step-by-step, and Tim lays down a great foundation, so you know where you’re heading with the program.


  • Everyone is competing to promote the same ‘money making strategy’. There’s nothing wrong with competition but there is no real product within that that is going to provide real value to the consumer. It’s just about building a downline that promotes thin air, very similar to the Empower Network in my opinion.
  • It comes across as though the owners have an agenda through AWN of getting referrals for the Power Lead System.
  • You need to fill in your personal details like your phone number etc., so there’s a high chance I’ll be getting called around the clock and not by choice!
  • It’s a pretty risky investment if you’re getting started online with no previous experience and then you’re in a position to find referrals for something that’s promoting ‘thin air’ s to speak.
  • In my opinion, the business practice is unethical where you’re told that it’s free but the second you’re in the training area you’ve to start coughing up your hard-earned money on various upsells.

 Who Is The Automated Wealth Network For?

Automated Wealth Network is for anyone really who wants to make some extra money part-time or for someone who wants to replace their full-time job with a full-time income.

That being said from what I can see it’s mainly targeting people who are searching online for an opportunity to make extra money but who are relatively inexperienced working online and cannot tell the difference between a quality solid program and one that’s very poor.

There are far better opportunities out there that are much more sustainable over the long-term. The only way to make a consistent income through AWN is by having success promoting the Power Lead System and then having your referrals (your downline) regularly doing the same. Again there isn’t much of a product to promote so when you or your referrals get asked questions about the actual product by potential referrals you might just get stuck then.

 Training and Tools Overview

Inside the training area for AWN basic SEO training all in video form is provided. This is still free before you decide to put down your money to join some of these networks so if you were just to learn from this training and then apply it to something outside of this then it would be beneficial for sure!

 This training includes:Automated Wealth Network Review

  • Generating traffic.
  • Marketing basics like Landing Pages, up-selling and generating leads.
  • Email Auto-responders.
  • What are affiliate links?
  • Setting up your domain and hosting.
  • Social Media and YouTube marketing.
  • Installing and setting up WordPress.

Unfortunately, there are no Pdf’s to go with the videos which are a bit of a shame because people learn best in different formats, so I think even though this training is free it’s important to give people the choice of learning through video or by text in my opinion.

 Does Automated Wealth Network offer Support?

When you need support, you can call on the help of your sponsor. Honestly, you will want to be lucky in a sense that you get referred under a sponsor that knows this game well as there are elements of Multi-Level-marketing, etc. and if you’ve joined under someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing then you could get a little stuck.

You can also email the owners of the program, but it could take a few days before you get a response.


As the owners state in the promotional video you see, to join up to the program is free, but then it starts to get a little bit sneaky as you’re to join up to two networks by paying a fee if you’re to make any money out of it.

 As mentioned previously these two upsell networks are:

  1. My Cash Freebies: You make money with this network by basically promoting $30 ‘Fortune 500 trials and promotions’ and for each person you sign up you receive a one-time $30 for commission for that.
  2. Power Leads System: As mentioned earlier in this post to become a member of Power Leads System you pay a monthly fee of $27 to become a member, but the stinger is that on top of that you have to pay $23.97 to become an affiliate for Power Leads System. In total to make commissions from this upsell you’re forking out $50.97 a month before you’ve even earned your first commission.

 Final Opinion

Automated Wealth Network is certainly not a scam but for me, I feel a lot of shady tactics have been used to get as many people to join the program as possible by claiming it to be free and to an extent it is. Once someone wants to build an income off of it the way it’s described in the original video that people come in contact with for this training program, then they have to start paying fees which were never mentioned in the first video.

I think the training for the program is suitable for beginners looking to get started online who have no experience. They could very easily just go through the free training, and they would get a good idea of the kind of foundation that’s needed to get started online and then use that knowledge elsewhere. All in all, I would stay away as you can get started free elsewhere which I recommend doing with my number 1 rated product Wealthy Affiliate which will show you how to build a real foundation for your business in any niche that will set you up for years to come!

 Beginners Blueprint at a Glance

  • Product Name: Automated Wealth Network.
  • Overall Ranking: 45 out of 100.
  • Price: Free to get started but then you have to pay money to earn money through the incentive programs.
  • Owners: Tim Chesonis and Mike Cocan.
  • Website:

 Verdict: A Poor Product that’s not worth pursuing!

I’m glad you got to the end, and I hope you enjoyed this review, as always if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them below. Let me know your thoughts!

Cheers, Stephen

Stephen McGouran

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