Avoiding Online Business Opportunity Scams

I’m a positive guy and for every problem, the one thing I’m grateful for more than anything else is that there is an equal solution out there to that problem or challenge facing you so in that respect life is good. But for a lot of people life can be tough and if you watch the news or listen to the radio first thing in the morning, unfortunately, a lot of what is put out there is very negative, and it’s sad, but it’s drilled into to minds of a lot of folks. Add this to the fact that very often in first world countries the bills that have to be paid add up to more than the income being brought into the household.

Avoiding Online Business Opportunity Scams!

So getting back to today’s post, it’s sad but true that there is so many people online offering what seem to be incredible business opportunities which offer huge income streams with little effort. “Set it and forget it” or “income on virtual autopilot” is another line I’ve seen time and again with very little substance but the people promoting these scams play on the consumer’s emotions because they know the consumer is desperate at this stage and will try anything to improve their situation!

These online offers can be seen in Multi-Level Marketing, Paid Surveys, Make Money Online schemes and the list goes on. When doing your research, get all of the facts first, go with your gut and know that if you come across an “opportunity” online, or offline for that matter if it seems to good to be true, it’s almost always a scam.

Never let your emotions get in the way of your honest judgment and don’t fool yourself in what you’d want to be the ideal reality of the situation, decipher the good from the bad because these people are only after your money!

Ok rant over, lets have a look at some of the common Red Flags of an online scam…

  1. A promise to make huge amounts of money that most certainly isn’t the norm for the work that’s to be put in.
  2. A promise to make money fast.
  3. A promise to make big money with very little effort.
  4. A very vague description of what is involved in the opportunity to make it work.
  5. An urgent request to take action. “You must buy today”!
  6. Upfront payment to access the opportunity.
  7. Promises that seem too good to be true.
  8. A horrible amount of upsells once you’ve purchased the product where you’re told that you need to buy these upsells if you’re truly serious about making this opportunity work. What can seem like a small investment at the start to get you reeled in ends up being a considerable amount of money!

It’s tough going if you’re not aware of these, work at home scams continue to be very successful as more and more people turn to the Internet to look for opportunities to improve their financial situation. There are millions of business and income opportunities online, and most of them are fake.

The best way to empower yourself against scams online is to become knowledgeable about them, know what the tell tale signs are and manage your expectations on legitimate opportunities to earn online. Remember always go on the facts first not on your emotions and how you would like things to be. I know from personal experience of having been ripped off that I went on my emotions in almost any situation that I usually got burned, oh well I learned from my experiences which are the most important thing!

As we all know deep down, and if not we should say that there is no shortcut to success when it comes to creating a legal and sustainable revenue source. It takes hard work; dedication and you must be willing to learn from good sources, sacrifice in the short term and be willing to pay the price!

As always I hope you enjoyed this post on avoiding online business opportunity scams and got something out of it. If you have any questions or comments or anything you’d like to add below I’m all ears, and I will respond promptly!

Cheers, Stephen

Stephen McGouran

Hi all Stephen McGouran here and I hope you're enjoying this post. This is my site Honest Affiliate Income and I got it started to help new people online make the proper decisions when getting an education online about how to build an online business around something they love doing! Enjoy and if you have any questions just let me know, Stephen!

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