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Avoiding Online Business Opportunity Scams

avoiding online business opportunity scams

I’m a positive guy and for every problem, the one thing I’m grateful for more than anything else is that there is an equal solution out there to that problem or challenge facing you so in that respect life is good. But for a lot of people life can be tough and if you watch the news or listen to the radio first thing in the morning, unfortunately, a lot of what is put out there is very negative, and it’s sad, but it’s drilled into to minds of a lot of folks. Add this to the fact that very often in first world countries the bills that have to be paid add up to more than the income being brought into the household.

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Is MLM A Scam? Let’s Find Out For Sure!

Is MLM a Scam?

When people mention MLM (Multi Level Marketing), the first thing most people want to know is MLM a scam!

What Multi-Level Marketing is which some people refer to as Network Marketing is a strategy many sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying their current distributors a portion of their new recruits sales, this is what is known as the distributors “Downline.”

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