Commission Academy Complete Review- New Player in The Game?

Well, have you heard about the Commission Academy? May be YES, may be NO. If your answer is No, then the only probable explanation is because the Commission Academy is relatively a new platform in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

As with any new product, you might be skeptical about this platform too. You might have been thinking what exactly this platform is, is it a scam, is it really worth it and so on. Don’t worry, it is natural. Even I would be bothered if I were in your place.

Well, your bothering should come to an end after reading this Commission Academy Complete Review. In this post I’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Commission Academy before joining it. I will also be showing you a sneak peek of the inside of the platform.

After reading this review you will realize why I have termed Commission Academy as the New Player in The Game.

Commission Academy- What Exactly It Is

Commission Academy is a platform that teaches you the basics of Affiliate Marketing and also makes you able to earn a handsome amount of money via this Affiliate Marketing Method. You must have a preliminary concept of what Affiliate Marketing is. If not, I highly recommend you to read my complete guide on Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a proven and battle tested method in which you earn money by promoting or recommending products of a third party. If people are satisfied with your recommendation, they will buy the product through your link and the company/owner will compensate you.

The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you can get started for completely free of cost and scale your business up to such a height that you can earn a six figure income per month. Obviously, that’s not going to happen overnight, it will take significant time and hard work on your part.

To become successful in the field of Affiliate Marketing, you must learn all the basics and how to apply them and guess what, the Commission Academy teaches you everything you need.

They have basically outlined the process of money making in three simple steps:

Commission Academy- At a Glance

  • Website:
  • Owner: Dale
  • Membership Type: Free**
  • Upsells: No direct Upsells. Throughout the training some tools are recommended which are either paid or can be upgraded to paid membership. These tools are optional and not absolute necessary.

*** The training is completely free. But to scale your business some tools are recommended throughout the training. These tools are optional but not 100 percent necessary.

This is what my Commission Academy Dashboard looks like-

Commission Academy Training- Best for Newbie

The Commission Academy Training is broadly categorized into two categories- (i) Fast Training (ii) Super Affiliate Training.

[A] Fast-Start Training

The Fast-Start Training teaches you the basics of Affiliate Marketing like What is Affiliate Marketing, Choosing a Niche, Build your free website, leveraging an email list, using keywords etc.

There are a total of three modules inside this Fast-Start Training- (i) Set Up (ii) Start Up (iii) Make Money.

Under these 3 modules there are various video & text based lessons which gives you a fair idea about starting and growing your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Let’s have a look what these Modules have inside for us-

Module 1- Set Up Training

This module has a total of 3 video based training to help you to set up the basics.

  • Video-1: Welcome Video
  • Video-2: Choose a Niche
  • Video-3: Launch Your Website

Module 2- Start Up Training

There are total 5 lessons inside this module. All the lessons are both text and video based. You can switch to either mode depending on what you are comfortable with. These lessons are-

  • Lesson-1: Laying The Foundation For Success
  • Lesson-2: Customizing Your Website
  • Lesson-3: Creating Your Initial Content
  • Lesson-4: Leveraging an Email List
  • Lesson-5: Preparing To Make Money

Module 3- Make Money Training

This Module is broken down into 8 lessons. Like the 2nd Module, the lessons under this module are also both video and text based. These 8 lessons will give you the idea of creating content and making money with them.

  • Lesson-1: Finding Profitable Keywords
  • Lesson-2: Creating Content That Ranks
  • Lesson-3: Integrating Affiliate Links
  • Lesson-4: Leveraging Product Reviews
  • Lesson-5: Creating Income on Demand
  • Lesson-6: Scaling With Videos
  • Lesson-7: Outsourcing Content Production
  • Lesson-8: Congratulations & Your Next Steps

Once you complete all the lessons of all the modules of Fast-Start Training, you will be able to unlock the Super Affiliate Training.

Start Your Fast-Start Training Right Now !!

[B] Super Affiliate Training

The Super Affiliate Training basically involves two of the most advanced training in the current internet marketing scenario.

Training-1: Online Entrepreneur Certification

This Training redirects you to Wealthy Affiliate, one of the most successful Affiliate Marketing Training Course. You can get started for free, and if you want to commit for long time, you can go premium which unlocks a wide range of features. I have discussed everything about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Training-2: Legendary Marketer Training

Legendary Marketer Training will teach you some of the most advanced stuff in the Affiliate Marketing World. They are specialized in leveraging high-ticket products and will teach you how you can do the same by using your Sales Funnel.

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Commission Academy- Amazing Support

Whenever you join such type online platform, the first thing you should look for is the type of support. Some people will just sell you a product and then poof! Vanished. All trustworthy product comes with a dedicated support system.

So what does the support system at Commission Academy looks like? Basically two of support is available through Commission Academy. You will find an amazing community of fellow Affiliate Marketers. They will be more than happy to help you with any issue you face. The 2nd option is the one-on-one coaching system, where I will be there to help you. You will be able to directly communicate with me and even with Dale, the owner of Commission Academy.

Commission Academy- Lucrative Affiliate Program

You can also promote Commission Academy as an Affiliate. They provide one of the most lucrative commissions in the industry. You can earn up to $1000 per referral. The opportunity is really huge. Let’s get a hang of it-

Commission Academy provides a unique concept of Profit Multiplier and also allows several income streams to be added which ultimately leads to maximum profit generation.

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Commission Academy-Who is It For

If you are new to the Affiliate Marketing Industry then this is the best platform you would want to get into. If you are an intermediate or expert level Affiliate Marketer then you should simply fast-forward the Fast-Start Training and start with the Super Affiliate Training.

One thing you must look out for- there plenty of ‘Guru’s and Websites out there who will claim to make you Millionaire by pushing a few buttons in a short period of time. Mark my words, these are total scam and you should avoid them. So if you are someone who wants to become rich overnight by pushing a few buttons then this program is NOT for you.

But if you are someone who is willing to put effort, want to take action and can work hard and smart with consistency then Bingo!! Commission Academy is just the right place for you.

The only thing you need is to follow the step by step actions that are shown in the videos and then implement the same. You are also provided with some tasks at the end of the lessons.

Commission Academy- Pros and Cons

In this Commission Academy Complete Review, we have till now discussed some of the great advantages that are offered inside the platform. Now you might be skeptical and want to ask if there are any drawbacks or disadvantage of the platform.

Don’t worry, I’ll cover all the aspects (be it positive or negative) in this post. Now let’s see what are advantages and disadvantages.


  • Newbie Friendly
  • Step by Step Video Guide
  • Both Text and Video based Lesson (depending upon your convenience)
  • 1 on 1 support
  • Lucrative Affiliate Program
  • No direct upsell


  • Intermediate and advanced internet marketers may already know some of the stuff
  • To grow large scale, might need to get some advanced tools, some of which needs paid membership


1. Is it possible to earn a significant amount of money with Commission Academy ?

=> Yes, you can definitely earn a significant amount of money with Commission Academy. The only thing that you should remember is that this is not going to happen in a day or month. It will take some time and hard work on your part.

2. What is the price of Commission Academy?

=> Commission Academy is absolutely free to join. However, if you are serious about your business and want scale and grow your business then you might consider buying some additional tools, some of which are free and some others are paid service.

3. How much time it will take to earn money?

=> It absolutely depends on you. The more you work hard the less time it will take to earn money. Some people start earning money in the 1st month itself, whereas some might take 3-6 months and some other takes 6-12 months.

4. Is there any upsell?

=> No, there is NO Direct Upsell. Rather, there are some additional tools which you may consider buying for the growth and scaling of your business.

5. Is Commission Academy Legit?

=> Definitely YES. After reading the Complete Commission Academy Review, you must have realized that they are very transparent platform, and as they are allowing you to start for FREE therefore no risk is involved.


Commission Academy Review- My Final Verdict

This is the final phase of my Commission Academy Review and I hope by now you have realized that why I consider this platform among the best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses. This platform is also directly linked with Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommendation for Beginners. So this is almost guaranteed that you won’t fail with this program if you stick in there.

So what’s my rating? Well….

My Rating: 8.5/10

My Verdict: A Game Changer in the industry, that works side by side with the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course out there.

I hope I have been able to show you why you can consider Commission Academy as the New Player in The Game of Internet Marketing, especially for the Beginners. Please feel free to let me know in the Comment section what do you think about Commission Academy. Also, if you want to discuss about other products and want a review on them then feel free to let me know.

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business today for Completely Free !!


Before you go, let me tell you something. If you are happy with my review and this review somehow helped you and you decide to join Commission Academy via any link given in this website, I will be sending you two Massive Bonuses on your way.

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So why wait anymore?

See You On the Other Side.

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