How to Promote your Affiliate Program

If you want to make money online by building a real long-term sustainable business but don’t how-to-promote-affiliate-programswant to create and build your own particular niche product then it really doesn’t get any better than Affiliate Marketing!

With that being said there are many ways to get started in the Affiliate Internet Marketing world, many of the routes to success online are free but there are others that can cost you a lot of money and if done incorrectly can really leave you in the red as far as your finances are concerned!

So today we’re going to talk about how to promote your affiliate program and help you get started quickly if you’re on a limited budget so you can start building out your website thus getting traffic to your webpages which in turn equals opportunity to make more money through your affiliate promotions. So here is a simple process, definitely not the only one but a simple one that can get you started online if you’re on a limited budget.

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1. Before you start promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate I recommend that you take the time to use the product yourself , really get comfortable with all of its features and as you can see and experience the many benefits of it then as you start to promote it yourself you genuinely know if you have a winner on your hands and you can honestly stand by what you’re promoting when recommending it to others.

2. Moving on to your website where you will promote this product then, the first thing you want to do is set up your domain and web-hosting for your site so you can start promoting. This is fairly easy to do these days but I would recommend to take the time to look around for a good hosting provider that’s affordable. I’ve seen it often where the big companies get people joined up and then they bombard their new customers with all of these extra up-sells that the individual starting out really doesn’t need.

For domain registration I recommend first and foremost going with .com if you didn’t already know that and if the domain name you want is taken then don’t worry, just do a little searching and you will find one you like and that fits your business, so many times I see people say online that all the good one are taken but from personal experience any time I’ve had to go looking for a domain when the one I initially wanted was taken  it wasn’t long before I found one I liked!

3. Set up your blog page. This is very easy now with WordPress and then there is so many good WordPress templates now available for free that at the worst if you cannot do it all for free then you can certainly do it for very cheap.googleSEO

4. When you’re starting out on a low budget you can go two ways or a combination of both as far as driving traffic/visitors to your site is concerned and these two methods are Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) .

As with anything that’s worth doing in life there’s a process involved with both of these methods but with PPC if you don’t know what you’re doing as you are buying traffic for your website with the goal of them making a purchase, it can become very costly and if you haven’t mastered this process then I would recommend starting with SEO which is free.

The short version of SEO for this article is to find “Low Hanging Fruit” keywords to base posts/pages off which are related to your niche using a keyword tool such as Jaaxy and the as you start to drive free traffic to your site through the quality content that you’ve been creating through SEO then you will begin to see traffic coming to your site.

5. Have a schedule for creating pages and posts for your website based on real quality content with the goal of helping your audience in your chosen niche. Once you focus on this Google will find you and you will go up the ranks in the search engines because you’re playing by the book for what Google wants all of the sites in their search engine to do and that is providing their audience with useable information that can provide a solution to their need that they searched the internet for in the first place.

6. As you start to get traffic to your website then it’s vitally important that you have a funnel to your product that you’re promoting, remember though that you don’t want to turn your website into a complete sales pitch for a few products, the aim is to help people but once you’ve earned the trust of your audience then you can refer to them products that are high quality that you believe in and you know they will benefit from once they take action on the information they get!

7. When you start making regular commissions from your SEO efforts then it’s time to reinvest back into your business. Just like any business offline it’s important to reinvest your profits back in until you’re happy with where your business is at from  a financial point.ppc-ads-business

You can hire a writer to create articles for you as well as the one’s you’ve been writing yourself or you can now go the PPC route and start buying traffic at a cost effective price. Remember start off small and build properly, with PPC initially learn how to turn a profit with paid traffic and as you learn the PPC game then gradually scale up your spending as you grow your profits and then through SEO and PPC then it’s a matter of “Rinse and Repeat” as they say.


There you have it, a way of how to promote your affiliate program when starting out, as I said during this article it’s a matter of going through these processes and doing things the correct Profitsway using the right strategies, know that this will all take time, persistence and discipline and be willing to put forth the effort to make it work and once you do and you start to do the correct things over and over again then it’s only a matter of time before  your successful online affiliate business becomes a reality.

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I really hope you enjoyed this post and got something out of it as well as understanding the process behind it all and if you have any questions or comments then I’d love to hear them below and I’ll  get back to you in good time!





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