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Do You Hate having to spell-check your freshly written content? Or do you worry that you might get done for plagiarism by accident? I certainly do and even though I proofread my content and for most people, once you write your own material, plagiarism won’t be an issue it’s still always nice to have an extra set of eyes there as the last line of defense to make sure everything published is on point! Grammarly, which many consider the best grammar checker will help you with that and in this Grammarly Review, I’ll answer as many questions on Grammarly that people want to know about it, and you’ll also find out if it’s for you and your unique situation.

First Off:

I came across Grammarly for the first time when I was checking out someone else’s website as they had some great content and it’s a service they use, so I decided to give it a shot by signing up for a Grammarly free account.

I was happy with the limited features of the free version before I choose to pay for anything I always want to try it out first, so I was glad to have this option with Grammarly. For someone who is used to writing in UK English and not US English Grammarly sure did help me out there because a lot of my audience is from the US region. After about a month I joined up for a full year, I’ll break it all down below, but it’s cheaper to sign up for a year than for one month at a time. I don’t usually do this, but I was happy with what I was getting, and the actual discount is huge compared to paying monthly. Anyway enough about me!

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a spell-checking tool that helps you improve your writing in many different formats including creative writing, assignments, writing college papers to name just a few and according to Grammarly millions of people in English-speaking countries are using their service that varies from writers, bloggers, college students, journalists, etc.

In less than a minute of you writing content on your chosen topic, Grammarly will give you a list of mistakes in your writing, and they also offer vocabulary suggestions and a plagiarism checker from over 8 billion pages on the web.According to Wikipedia Grammarly's plagiarism and detection, resources check for more than 250 potential errors! Wow!!

So What Do You Get?

In Grammarly, you have the free version and Grammarly Premium.

With the free version you get:

  • The Spell Checker.
  • Grammar and Punctuation Checker.
  • How to properly structure your sentences.

If you decide to upgrade to Grammarly Premium you will get everything in the free version as well as the following:

  • Word choice options.
  • Clarity in your writing (to make it understandable and to have flow.)
  • Correct use of the Passive Voice.
  • Wordiness – if you’re using the same words over and over again Grammarly Premium will offer many variations to give your writing more depth while maintaining the natural feel that is mandatory for good content.

What Grammarly has done for me so far:

I will go into detail on the many benefits of using Grammarly, but these two have been a real difference maker for me personally.

1. It has cut down my time drastically when I want to proofread my content

This has been a big one for me; we’re all different in how we write content. I’m a blogger and when I finish writing and it’s time to proofread it would take me forever and honestly I just didn’t enjoy doing and even after I proofread I would still miss things! Grammarly has helped me out with this big time and over the last few months, I've saved a lot of time and peace of mind knowing that something which usually took me a long time to do before and was a bit of a pain is no longer an issue for me now. I don’t follow all of Grammarly’s correction suggestions but it keeps me on track and has been a big help.

2. Grammarly has helped Improve my writing

When writing for a blog I always want to write to people as if I’m talking to them one to one but at the same time I have a lot of bad habits when it comes to using the same words over and over again. As well as this I tend to have long sentences when they should be shorter.

Old habits die-hard but through using Grammarly I am far more aware of how I put together my content and when I’m falling into the trap of using the same old automatic writing habits!

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper:

How To Use Grammarly

After you’ve set up your Grammarly account figuring out how to use Grammarly is very straightforward and within the first few minutes of using it, you will have it down to a tee!

I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post on Grammarly, but I love the way it is workable on many different platforms online. I don’t use Twitter all that much, but if I am sending out a Tweet, a Facebook post, a comment on YouTube or just about anywhere else, Grammarly offers corrections in real time for anywhere I may have slipped up!

1. Using the Free Extension

The Free Extension works the same for both versions of Grammarly and is compatible with Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and makes correction suggestions as you write.

You can see below an example of the Free Extention in action when I’m doing this post now, in the WordPress admin section for my site. As I’m writing, any mistakes that I make on the will be underlined in Red for critical issues and yellow for advanced issues with the correction suggestions on the right of my piece of content. I then have the choice whether I want to correct it or not.

Once you have all the information you need as far as corrections are concerned, then it’s just a matter of clicking on each correct suggestion one by one to keep you on track.

2. Using the Web Version of Grammarly The Web Version of Grammarly is just as easy to use as the Free Extension:

1. Create a free account with Grammarly that takes less than a minute.

2. Once you have your account set up, you’ll go straight to the Grammarly Dashboard just like the one in the picture below.

3. Next up either upload your content through the upload button or click new and then copy and paste. They both do the same thing at the same speed, so it doesn’t matter which way you choose to do it.

4. Once you have your content uploaded it takes about 5 seconds to point out all to find any errors at all that have occurred in your writing.

5. Finally, just the same as with the web extension it’s just a matter of clicking on the corrections one at a time to fix your piece up.

3. Grammarly Working for Microsoft Office:

This version works the same way as the previous two ways of using Grammarly except on a slightly different platform.

Once you’ve uploaded Grammarly for Word, it works for both the free and paid versions. And the add-in detects errors that include contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style, and vocabulary enhancement.

There’s More:

I’ve touched on these briefly, but they come with Grammarly Premium and they are a real difference maker if you're like me, and a lot of your old writing habits tend to come up again and again, these additional features will improve the quality of your content for sure.

1. Vocabulary Enhancement: This feature scans your article for words that come up again and again then underlines them and suggests different words with the same meaning and context on the right. Just like with the spellchecker feature all you have to do is click on the new word on the right-hand side and it will come up in place of your old repeated word.

2. The Plagiarism Checker: Once you write your own content you’re not going to have to worry too much about plagiarism, but if you hire another writer to do work for you this tool will come in handy.

If you decide to work with other people, and you’re unsure if the work you got from your writer is theirs or they copied it from somewhere else, then the plagiarism checker is a must and will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Up Next:

Who Would Benefit From Grammarly?

Who would benefit from Grammarly? Well pretty much anyone who writes in some form for a living. I covered this in another post but just in case you didn't see it well go over it here again.There are many different levels to writing; some do it as a hobby and some professionally. Where Grammarly comes in helpful is as an extra set f eyes on your content, another line of defense because as humans we will make mistakes along the way.

Nothing beats a human proofreader but for the free service or the price you’d pay for Grammarly Premium in a lot of cases, this is all you’ll need.

Here’s where Grammarly Helps:

Not only will you be spellchecking your content but with the plagiarism checker and vocabulary enhancement tools, you get an objective view of how you write on a daily basis. Any bad habits you may have built up over the years will be on show so you can make all the adjustments needed to end up with something that is professional and is ready to go!

People who would benefit from Grammarly include the following:

  • Professionals: Grammarly is used by many professionals in fields such as Law, Healthcare, Accounting Marketing and Journalism to name a few to help improve their English writing and to maintain their reputation as a professional in everything they do.
  • Ghostwriters: The same as proofreaders, Grammarly will give Ghostwriters another tool in their arsenal when writing and increasing the quality of their work.
  • Bloggers: I put myself in this category as someone who writes daily love the writing aspect, but I really don’t like proofreading it after. Don’t get me wrong if I have to do it, of course, I will but with Grammarly, I have saved a lot of time that I can use towards something else, and I quite enjoy going through my content after and seeing where I’ve slipped up and then fix it.
  • Teachers: School teachers or College Lecturers will benefit greatly from Grammarly as a second set of eyes for anything they may have missed when they’re correcting exam papers or documents that have been handed in, and they only have a limited amount of time to go through them all.
  • Students: Similar to the way Teachers would use Grammarly as an aid to help them work through students material, students will use Grammarly to make sure when they have something important to hand in that it has to be on point. So they can get the mark that is needed in their chosen field to help them move forward.
  • Proofreaders: As a group of individuals who check other people’s material for a living no software in the world will ever take the place of proofreaders. But even then proofreaders will benefit from Grammarly as it will give them another view of going through content, and it will no doubt pick up on some things that professional proofreaders may have missed out on but also point out to them others ways of doing things that can help them in their profession moving forward.
  • Non-English Speakers: For anyone who doesn’t have English as their first language and needs help when applying for a job, going over their college work or sending an email in English Grammarly will help here. Eg. You want to make a great first impression with your Resume and get your head in the door, so proper spelling is critical when applying for jobs, so people take you seriously and consider contacting you for an interview.
  • Anyone who writes on social media on a daily basis would benefit from Grammarly.

Bottom Line:

As you can see, anyone who is involved in writing in some form will benefit from Grammarly and the above list is not all inclusive, let me know in the comments section anyone else you can think of who would benefit from Grammarly.

Now let’s get to it:

What Is The Cost of Grammarly?

There are two types of membership for Grammarly and within Grammarly Premium, that subscription is broken down into three different options. Monthly, Quarterly and annually. I’ll go into detail of them all now, and you’ll see in my proof of purchase at the bottom what it cost me. I was on the free version of Grammarly; I wanted to upgrade and knew if I wanted the cheapest offer I would pay for a year upfront.

I got it cheaper than the annual price you’ll see below because they had a special off at the time for around 70% off the full price and the great thing is if you’re thinking of going Premium at any time they regularly come out with these special offers so don’t be in a hurry. If you join up on the free version wait until a special offer comes out so, you can purchase it at a discount.

Grammarly for Free:

When you sign up for the free version of Grammarly you get the free add-on extension for your browser that we talked about earlier which is compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Although the free version has its limitations, it allows you to check 100 points of grammar, contextual spelling and punctuation errors. Compared to Grammarly Premium it’s a great place to start, get your feet wet and see if Grammarly is a tool that fits your unique situation.

Grammarly Plan Selection for Premium: 3 Options to suit you best

Monthly - $29.95 a month.

Quarterly - $19.98 a month ($59.95 paid every three months.)

Annual - $11.66 a month ($139.95 paid in full for the year.)

Here’s The Cool Part:

When you join the free version of Grammarly, you will start receiving emails to invest in Grammarly Premium but at a significantly reduced discount just like what happened to me when I decided to give it a shot.If you don’t want to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe straight away and continue with the free version or stop altogether if Grammarly is not for you.

I decided to pay for the year in full when I got a special offer to use Grammarly for $104.97, which works out at around $8.97 a month. Needless to say, I was stoked because compared to paying $29.95 a month when paying on a monthly basis I paid at almost a 75% discount to that. Happy days!!


Pros And Cons Of Grammarly


There are many Pros in Grammarly and these are just a few:

  • Much better than Microsoft Word and picks up more data in my opinion.
  • Corrects more than 250 point of Grammar, contextual spelling, punctuation errors, and then vocabulary enhancement and the plagiarism checker with Grammarly Premium.
  • Grammarly now for works for Brisish Grammar as well as U.S. English Grammar. This used to be one of the only issues I had with Grammarly but now that this has changed their service has only improved that bit more and it will be of great benefit to English students east of the Atlantic.
  • It works on almost any platform online.


  • It’s only a minor problem and not really a problem at all but once you join Grammarly if you ever want to go to their site from the laptop that uses Grammarly you are then sent to your Grammarly dashboard. Not much of a problem but if I want to find out some information on Grammarly I would like to be able to go to their website instead of going straight to my Grammarly Dashboard every time I click on their site.

Time To Wrap This Up:

You’ve made it to the end, thank you, and I hope I’ve answered any questions you have in this Grammarly Review.

If you’re still in two minds about Grammarly then just try it out for free and then if you like it but are unsure about committing long-term to Grammarly Premium then just try it out for one month and if you're not happy then cancel altogether.

For me, more than anything else it’s given me that piece of mind that when I finish a writing project, I’m not spending too much time trying to fix every little issue afterward and even then I’ll miss a few things.

As I’ve said before nothing beats a human proofreader and I don’t think anything ever will but as a safety net Grammarly certainly gets the job done and if you are thinking of trying out Grammarly then check it out here and begin with the free version to get your feet wet.

I hope you enjoyed this Grammarly review; please feel free to share it with anyone who will benefit from it and if you have any questions or comment let me know below and I’ll reply back to you as soon as I see them!

Cheers, Stephen.

Proof Of Purchase

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