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There are many reasons people decide to start a  “Work from Home” Home Business and each persons situation is different. It can vary from paying off college fees, paying your way through College, deciding to work for yourself or maybe your a single Mom or Dad who need some extra income but hasn’t got the time to work full-time because of your children amongst many other situations!

Starting a part or full-time home business can be daunting for someone who is just starting out and with so much information out there it can become an information overload and people don’t know where to start!


I’m here to help you set-up a good foundation for starting an online business and along the way I’ll recommend products and services that I think genuinely make a difference and also show you what to avoid along the way! One thing I’ll say though is keep thing as simple as possible, focus on providing phenomenal service, even more so Online than Offline when connecting with people and do everything to go the extra mile for people!

With All That Being Said Here’s the Process on a successful Home Business

1. Your Website: This is your foundation online and this is where it all happens, no doubt you probably know this already but it’s nice to be reminded as you’ll see a lot of people these days trying to spam people online on YouTube , Facebook etc. and they don’t even have a website!!

Just like you have your stores offline where people head to purchase products and services the same applies online and your website is your premises online.

2. Providing your service and be seen online by providing Great Content: In order to cultivate great relationships online with your audience you need to give them great content first, people search online to find solutions to problems they may have in their lives and when they looking in your market it’s up to you to provide great content which genuinely helps them solve their problems and really helps them out.

This can be done through article marketing , YouTube videos etc. with the aim of helping your audience get what they want which is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.)love this and so does your audience and this will help your website move up the ranks .

3. Traffic: Once you’ve built that trust with your audience they’ll be coming back but as I said before Google etc.likes you more and you’ll move up the ranks getting more eyeballs(traffic) on your site thus building more relationships with more people , gaining more credibility and you soon become the “Go-To” Site for your particular niche which bring us to the next part…

4. Setting up shop: Once you’ve built up your reputation with people and they genuinely like and trust what you offer that they’ll take you seriously when you’ve something to offer whether it’s yours or your recommending something great that somebody else has done the it’s time to set up certain income streams so you have money coming in.

This can be done in many ways and because you’ve provided value first your in a position to be able to do this!

Once you have your website is up and running, deliver great content and get quality traffic through that content, the opportunities to promote your own or someone else s products online are endless as the world is your audience and what an audience!!!

Need Help or have any questions?

Simply ask! If you need a hand with anything that I have discussed here, please leave a comment and I’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible!

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