How to choose the right Keywords for Your Website

I cannot stress it enough how important it is on how to choose the right keywords for your website.It doesn’t matter what your niche is when building and running a website.

With all of the talk in the SEO world about creating great content, having powerful social profiles and building email lists which are all vitally important. We must remember that what happens to be the foundation of all of this and what gets our site up there in the first place is finding quality keywords and through proper keyword research this is undoubtedly achieved.

Everything starts with your keyword research; they tell you what your audience is thinking about, what are their thoughts and fears etc. are when they go to search for something online!

When I want to create a post or a page that I think will benefit people. My goal obviously is to reach as many people as possible in my niche so before I even create the content and put it up online I want to see what keywords are most searched for online, what are people really looking for and once I have found those keywords then I start to write content for this audience on how I can help them!

When I’m looking for a great keyword to create content on I’m only looking for three factors to determine a great keyword moving forward…

  1. How much competition does the keyword have?
  2. How much traffic does the keyword get?
  3. Does it make human sense?

I’ll give an example in a random niche with my keyword research tool Jaaxy of how I go about finding a great keyword and from there on building a list of keywords so I can create great content in that particular niche. Today we’ll look to build helpful content for people wanting to buy a good pair of running shoes online, so let’s see what people are searching for in that niche.

First, I’ll type in running shoes to buy in Google and by doing the alphabet soup technique, I can see what comes up in the drop down box which shows what people are searching for…

Alphabet Soup Technique

Once I’ve got these results, I can then choose one, in this case, I’m going to go for “best running shoes to buy” and then I’ll insert this into Jaaxy Enterprise and see what results come up.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Wow I’m after getting a ton of keywords here, they all have a QSR of under 400 competing websites but more importantly, and the main factor here is the traffic light system here; Green is great Amber is ok and for Red most of the time you’re better off avoiding these keywords. There’s too much-competing pages for what you would get work vs. reward ratio. But as I said earlier on, these keywords must make human sense, so I’m only going to save the one’s that come across as real to people, so lets cut down our list again…

Great stuff, I got a serious keyword in there too which I can create a post on in “best running shoes for women”, judging by the traffic stats you’ll get over 1000 searches a month on your site if you get first page rankings for that keyword! After doing this research for an example I’m tempted to set up build a website on running shoes, thanks a lot, Jaaxy!!

That was a lot of fun, and I hope you can see the benefit of putting in due diligence as far as finding the proper keywords to base your content off! I say due diligence, but honestly, it only took me about two minutes with Jaaxy, but it’s all about going about things the right way!

Have a go yourself with Jaaxy here in a niche that you’re interested in…

I hope you enjoyed this run through on how to choose the right keywords for your website and as always if you have any questions or comment regarding keyword research just let me know below and I’ll get back to you in good time!

Cheers, Stephen

Stephen McGouran

Hi all Stephen McGouran here and I hope you're enjoying this post. This is my site Honest Affiliate Income and I got it started to help new people online make the proper decisions when getting an education online about how to build an online business around something they love doing! Enjoy and if you have any questions just let me know, Stephen!

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