Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review – Does It Live Up To Hype?

  • Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0
  • Website:
  • Price: $97 for three months plus hidden fees and upsells.
  • Owner: Anik Singal
  • Overall Rank: 52 out of 100

Hi all, a few people have asked me what I think of Anik Singal’s product Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review and is it worth your time if you want to get started online?

This is one of many products Anik has out right now. He tends to bring out a new product every few months claiming it to be the latest and greatest and that “You need this” to make your online business a success.This has me thinking about all the other products he’s brought out and why should I for one continue to purchase his new material when the old stuff which is usually no more than a year old all of a sudden obsolete so to speak!

Anyway, I’ll get to that later but for now lets dive in and see what it’s all about!

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review and what you get when becoming a member

 The goal of Inbox Blueprint is to teach you how to build an online business through email marketing to an audience in any given niche by referring your email list to products and services in that given niche which they have an interest in.

Anik makes it sound simple, but it takes a lot more work than he lets on! As soon as you land on the website page, you have to watch a video that last around 30 minutes where he takes five people who have never made anything online to making over $1000 the very next morning. In the video, he says he’s made over 50 million dollars in income in the 11 years, he’s been online. I’m not disputing that at all, but I find it a bit of a joke how he then wakes up one morning, all of a sudden it’s all gone, and he’s actually in debt but never explains how any of this happened, and we’re just meant to go along blindly to this! Seriously!

When you join up after paying $291 upfront or three monthly installments of $97. After that inInbow Blueprint 2.0 Review most people’s heads, their done paying the money like was advertised and they’re ready to get stuck into the training and start building their subscriber list. Straight away after you’ve put the money on your credit card, and you’re hooked you’re straight away getting upsold with the Inbox Inner Circle membership which is free for the first ten days then $77 a month after that. We’re told that the five students that made their $1000 overnight all joined up to this but of course, you don’t get told this when watching the intro video.

This kind of this bothers me personally because he has a habit of doing this with all of his products! I find it very sly especially to beginners who are often short on money and looking for a genuine opportunity to change their lives!When they pay for a product like this, it leaves a sick feeling in their stomachs when they end up having to pay a lot more than they thought initially which I’ll go into more detail now in a minute!

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • The information provided in the videos and weekly webinars is very easy to follow whether you’re just starting out or have been working online for a good while now.
  • There is some good information in there for sure that is broken down into small chunks so anyone can understand it.
  • I’ve no doubt anyone can learn some new techniques from the course, and if you’re new to email marketing you will get something out of it.
  • There’s the 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, most of these online courses only have a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Bad:

  • You have to find the right product to market in the first place, which takes plenty of time, and this isn’t explained to you in the intro video.
  • Way overpriced for what is offered in the course. He should go into far more detail and be on hand to provide support personally in my opinion for at least 60 days after launch date because no doubt a lot of beginners will need help when getting started as we all do to some degree.
  • Sneaky upsells.
  • Dated information, encouraging you to use PLR content which violates the rules of Google as far as SEO is concerned and will knock you right down in the ranking at least when Google Spiders do a review of your website.
  • Their support system is very poor.
  • More dated information – Article directories which are now ineffective in 2015. If you want to build content and get rankings, then post it on your website.

Who is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 For?

This product is marketed to complete “newbies” who have never made a dollar online with the promise of very little effort in return of thousands of dollars on a daily basis with just a little effort on the beginners end.

I think you can learn some useful information here to help grown your business online but not for the majority of beginners who are just getting started online.

Email marketing is only part of building a business online, and it’s important to build a foundation of creating great content for your audience, knowing what products to promote, learning how to drive targeted traffic to your site and the basics of a good website to name just a few things.

If you have never made a profit online with a website then spending a few hundred dollars and then the upsells on top of that so you can make that money back can be intimidating. I certainly don’t recommend it for beginners especially when you can get free training to get started online at a tenth of the cost with no hidden upsells!

Inbox Blueprint 2.0’s Tools & Training

Inbox Blueprint 2.0’s training comes in the form of video training along with pdf’s, and it is broken down into an 8-step process that we’re going to dive into right now.Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

Step 1: Addiction Meter

The Addiction Meter is where it all starts and in this step Anik gives you strategies on how to find the most profitable niches online, what are masses looking for online? In my opinion, there is money in every niche online, and once you’re willing to provide great value to your audience with passion and integrity you will gain a following but at the same time, it’s important to know what people want.

Niches such as Dog Training, Health and Fitness (especially weight loss) or gardening or golf are all popular niches online with die hard fans, and these niches are only getting bigger!

This step also introduces you to websites where you can select a product within your chosen niche to promote and from here it introduces you to different methods to make money online.

Step 2: The Bait

In this module, you will learn all about opt-in pages and how to create them. It also goes into what kind of opt-in pages to use and why what data you want to collect from your subscribers and how to word your opt-in pages for maximum results.

Step 3: TYP Method (the thank you page method)

This step makes effective use of thank you pages and how to incorporate Clickbank to increase profits just by saying thank you to your subscribers when they confirm their email address to you.

Step 4: The Email machine

In this module, you will be introduced to email auto-responders that include icontact and aweber.

These auto-responders streamline your emails so they’re sent out on certain days so you don’t have to worry about them, as they’ll all be taken care of under the email company here that you decide to go on.

Just as you will have to pay extra money when getting started here on your domain name, hosting, etc. you will also have to pay a monthly fee for using an email auto-responder service as well so know this in advance before you are thinking of purchasing Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

Step 5: The List Relationship

In this module, you focus on building a relationship with our audience and Anik teaches you how to build and sequence your first seven emails.

Building an email list is all about providing value to that list first and gaining their trust instead of just shoving affiliate products down their throat every day because they’ll unsubscribe in no time! Anik does a great job here of going through this important process that is often neglected in many other email courses.

Step 6: Payday Secrets

This module shows you how to monetize your list with affiliate products from the respective niche.

Step 7: Easy Traffic

This module covers a lot of traffic generating methods that even if you are a beginner won’t be anything new to you. These include social media outlets that include the usual such as Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and commenting on relevant blogs in your niche to get your name out there in your respective niche if you didn’t know that already!

Step 8: Unlimited Success

This module goes into keeping track of your stats, what is working and what is deadweight? Through tools such as Google Analytics, you focus on important metrics to focus on to increase your conversion rate and increase profits in your business.

I have to say if you’ve no experience at all getting started online then I don’t recommend this training. It’s ideal for someone who wants to improve his or her skills and has already built a solid foundation, but I don’t recommend it for beginners.

Does Anik offer you the support you need when you need?

Their support isn’t great. You’re encouraged to go through their FAQ section to see if you’re answered there.

You don’t get personal contact with Anik as I said earlier on unless you’re in the inner circle that I don’t agree with.

You can also submit a support ticket but be patient because it will usually take a few days to get any response.

How much does Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Cost Altogether?

I went through the cost at the start and then the sneaky up-sell tactics that are incorporated when joining the program and if you’re new to building a business online beware not just of this product, but there is a lot of common practices when using the up-sell on people. Just when they think they’re in the door, they get up-sold with something else, and they’re told they have to have this level of product or they’re pretty much told they won’t be a success!

  • Inbox Blueprint 2.0 – $97 by three months or a one-time payment of $241.
  • Inner Circle membership – First ten day are free then $77 a month after that until you decide to cancel.
  • The cost of Domains which isn’t mentioned on the sales page – $10 – $50.
  • Web hosting for your domains – $100+
  • Autoresponder service – $19 to $100+

Let’s do the math here. From the sales video, Anik says all you need to pay is three easy installments of $77 a month which if you want to change your life through making money online I think that’s fair.

But it’s the sly way that the money adds up, and the facts that you’ve already committed you feel the need to keep going all in which can potentially not counting in the monthly fees can add up to $550 right out of the gate!

My Final Opinion of Inbox Blueprint 2.0

I don’t recommend this to anyone that’s just getting started online with goals and dreams of building a successful business online. It’s way overpriced for what you get and the fact that this guy brings out a new product around every six months with flashy marketing tactics focusing on people who are thinking of getting started online is a red flag if there ever was one!

If it’s so good then why do you keep bringing out new products all the time, reinvest in your initial product and take the time to help as many people as possible achieve success instead of just taking their money and leaving them on their own?

This kind of thing bothers me as you can see because it takes hard work to achieve success online and my number one recommendation certainly delivers there, and the fact that it’s free to get started makes it a no brainer!

Inbox Blueprint at a glance…

  • Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0
  • Website:
  • Price: $97 for three months plus hidden fees and upsells.
  • Owner: Anik Singal
  • Overall Rank: 52 out of 100

VERDICT: A legit program but it has hidden costs, and it’s certainly not for beginners in my opinion!

I hope you enjoyed this post on Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review; please share it with anyone that will benefit and if you have questions, comments or a personal experience of your own with Inbox Blueprint 2.0 then I’d love to hear it below!

Cheers, Stephen

Stephen McGouran

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