Is Grammarly Good? This Report Will Help You Decide (Fast!!)

A lot of people are asking the question is Grammarly Good? Read on to find out.

Why should you bother to use it instead of Microsoft Word and does it actually make a difference to whatever it is that you’re writing about whether it be creative writing, assignments or a full-blown thesis, etc.

We’ll get into all that below, and we’ll also discuss who uses Grammarly? We’ll do a Grammarly test, and if you want to try Grammarly and we’ll show you what’s involved.

So here we go!

How I got started using Grammarly and from my experience, I’ll answer the question is Grammarly good? As best, I can with what I’ve learned.

I first stumbled upon Grammarly a few months back when I was randomly looking at this guys website. The site had a ton of great info on it, but I saw this banner for Grammarly claiming to be able to improve my writing, so I thought “what the hell,” clicked on it and signed up for their free version.

The main reason I decided to try it out is that from what I can see most of my audience is from the U.S. and Canada region. I’m from Ireland, and our spelling of the English language is different this side of the Atlantic as you probably well know now. I was getting comments from people on my posts telling me to correct my spelling mistakes because of this.(You can set Grammarly now to cater for English Grammar in the British and the U.S. style for different audiences)

I would proofread even though I’m not a pro at that, but it would take forever, so that took me to giving Grammarly a try and I’m truly happy I did!

Let’s dig a little deeper:

I’m a Blogger and for me, Grammarly works a treat! I would never recommend it over a set of human professional proofreading eyes though Grammarly does offer that service for $0.02c a word which I haven’t used yet but for what I do it’s the next best thing. I’ll list the benefits here of how it’s benefited me and my particular situation…

  • 1. Unlike Microsoft word that just spell-checks I’ve found Grammarly to do a lot more, most of the time you only need a few of its features, but it bridges the gap between feedback and learning much more so than MS.
  • 2. It helps break my bad personal habits to a point. It doesn’t overly matter if I break them or not because Grammarly will correct them if I end up on the slippery slope with my writing but I love the fact that I can take an objective look at my content, fix things and do it fast!
  • 3. Grammarly stops you from overuse of the same word; MS will point out the mistakes but from a writing perspective it doesn’t pick up on the overuse of the word, at least from my experience.
  • 4. Too long sentences. I’m grateful for this modifier even though I just want to power on through most of the time, but I am grateful for it because then end product (my blog post) ends up being a better one!
  • 5. It works on almost any platform – Whether I was writing emails, using WordPress or posting a comment on Facebook or Youtube Grammarly pops up and is there to fix any issues I might have that I don’t know about.
  • 6. There’s the plagiarism checker that devours 8 Billion pages out on the web to make sure you’re content isn’t the same as someone else’s. I’ve never had this issue myself as I write my content as we all should so once you stick with writing your own material too then you probably won’t get any plagiarism alerts either.
  • 7. Grammarly supports multiple document types such as academic, business, technical, medical, creative and casual then those document types are much more sub-variations.
  • 8. If you’re a blogger regularly publishing content it’s very helpful as I’ve mentioned above but for a professional writer, it’s an extra line of defense for your overall toolkit rather than the total package!
  • 9. You get a weekly email report card summarizing you top three mistakes and more. I always tend to have the same three mistakes lol!!
  • 10. Grammarly didn’t have a great start from many years ago but when I got started with them early 2016 they’ve been nothing but great, and they are continually improving which is a great sign of things to come.
  • 11. Google considers correct grammar part of their SEO best practices and my SEO has indeed gone up with consistent and proper spelling.

Here’s the Deal:

I have found many more benefits from using Grammarly, but this isn’t a novel so I better move on but if you want to read about more great benefits and features I’ve listed from Grammarly click here.

Who Uses Grammarly?

Who uses Grammarly? Well pretty much anyone that writes! It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual writer, professional writer working full-time, a blogger or someone who just wants to post on social media to name just a few.

If your spelling is off, people generally pick up on it and even though it may not be true they will make assumptions about you based on your incorrect spelling. Whether it’s laziness, a lack of intelligence, etc. and people just won’t take you serious when your grammar is poor, so it's of vital importance that you stay on top of this.

This is where Grammarly comes in handy:

Grammarly not only helps improve people's writing and gives them an objective view of their content without anyone one else having to look at it, but it’s also a massive time saver, and that for me is what ultimately got me started with Grammarly.

This Non-Exhaustive List of People that Use Grammarly are:

  • Bloggers: Grammarly is a huge time saver for anyone writing on their personal blog that is cranking out content day after day and doesn’t want to spend hours upon hours proofreading their content and making it unique for the search engines.
  • Teachers: Whenever a teacher is pressed for time and has to finish their work at home after school Grammarly certainly makes their job easier when spellchecking some of their student's papers.
  • Students: The same goes with students; before they submit any of their documents they will need to proofread them for spelling and grammar errors as well as the chance of plagiarism.
  • Proofreaders: For proofreaders, Grammarly is an extra set of eyes. Nothing beats a human proofreading your content but even proofreaders being human, make mistakes and Grammarly may point out something they haven’t seen yet, and it will help keep things fresh in their mind.
  • Doctoral Students: Grammarly cannot go over anything that is more than 36,000 words, so if you’re writing a book you will need to go through it a piece at a time. By doing that, it will help you avoid going down the slippery slope and drastically reducing your workload later on.
  • Non-English Speakers: For anyone coming from a country where English isn’t their first language and their looking to apply for a job and make a great first impression Grammarly will definitely help there. The most important thing is who you are when you get to the interview and what you have to offer but to get in the door in the first place is a must and Grammarly will stop you from coming off silly in your cv with its spell checker.
  • Professionals: Professionals in a variety fields such as Law, Healthcare, Academia, Accounting, Marketing, and Journalism use Grammarly to provide expert help and instant feedback on the credibility of their English writing.
  • Ghostwriters: Similar to proofreaders, it gives them another tool in their arsenal that will help them out.
  • Anyone who wants to write well on the Internet or Social Media.

Bottom Line:

As you can see, pretty much anyone who writes for themselves or others will benefit from this tool. No matter what kind of writing you do whether it’s casual, creative or a full-time professional, it is essential that you make yourself clear when writing and this is something Grammarly can help you with.

Grammarly Vs Word

Time For a Test!  🙂

This is my favorite part for sure. Since I’ve been using Grammarly the past few months, I regularly see the benefits from Grammarly in so far as the improvement of my spelling, etc. Right now I’m just going to do a simple test and put the first few hundred words of this post into both MS Word and Grammarly, and we’ll see what comes out.

Obviously, the finished version of this post is the one you can see now but before all of that, I’m putting it through both platforms to find out what results come out. I took the first few paragraphs of this post only not the entire post.

So here we go:

After taking a screenshot of the beginning of this post the only thing that is underlined is the word Grammarly itself. Now my writing has improved for sure in the last few months in general but also it has also gradually enhanced by the use of Grammarly. The fact that not much else is underlined is interesting because even though this is a test and I’m certainly someone who thinks Grammarly is fantastic, I was expecting a bit more from MS Word, but it is what it is!

  • It suggests Word get capitalized because it’s a proper noun.
  • It suggests taking out the word actually because it may be unnecessary.
  • It recommends I take out the word “actually” because it may be unnecessary.
  • It suggests I put a question mark after etc. at the end of the paragraph because the sentence appears to be a question but I left it as it is because I wasn’t writing the sentence as a question mark.
  • Suggestions for commas are put in all over the place and in my case, for good reason.
  • My English style English is changed to American style English. I’m not complaining, this is the Internet, and the majority of my audience is from the States, and I’m mostly catering to them but why there isn’t just one way of speaking English I’ll never know! But that’s a personal thing with me, nothing to do with Grammarly and they do an excellent job in modifying it.
  • There’s the squinting modifier for where I’ve placed “Who Uses Grammarly” in the sentence and there’s a drop-down box for how I should properly use it in the sentence.
  • The list goes on, but you get the idea, this is just one example for my blog post and every case is different.

The results of my test:

Grammarly outperformed MS Word’s grammar and spell checker by far! This does not mean Grammarly is perfect by any means, as I mentioned in the points above I did not change all of the suggestions from Grammarly.

As their site says, nothing outperforms a human proofreader, but it is an extra pair of eyes that is invaluable for most people before you feel the need to go the additional step to the more subtle and sophisticated human proofreader.

Overall I’m very impressed with how it performs and I can see it being especially useful for bloggers, students, and non-English speaking individuals.


Try Grammarly

If you're in two minds about using Grammarly to help you with whatever you’re writing about, then I would recommend you try Grammarly on the free version so you can see the benefit of using it and more importantly if it’s for you before spending any of your money first.

As I mentioned at the start of this post I started out using the free version of Grammarly before upgrading to Grammarly Premium and I haven’t looked back since!

It is like having your very own writing coach if writing isn’t your strong point. It helps you properly express you by focusing more on what you want to say and a little less on how you say it!

Will it help you?

If you’re unsure just try out the free version, then if you decide to upgrade then use it for a full month to see if it’s for you.

Grammarly Premium has three different price options that are monthly, quarterly and annually. The longer you pay for, the cheaper it gets and when you join the free version you will get regular special offers to upgrade at a huge discount. I decided to go annual when I got an offer for Grammarly Premium at around a 70% discount as you’ll see below with my proof of purchase receipt. Grammarly Premium costs around $29.95 a month, but I bought it for $104 for the entire year!

So that’s it, thank you very much for staying until the end of this 2,000+ word post, and I hope you’ve gotten everything you need about Grammarly from it and if you want to give it a go then check it out here!

If want to ignite the comments section below with questions etc. please do and I’ll get back to you as soon as I see them and please feel free to share this anywhere you think someone will benefit from it!

Cheers, Stephen.

Proof Of Purchase

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