Is Overnight Millionaire A Scam?

What is the first impression that comes to your mind when you hear the name “Overnight Millionaire System” ? Get rich overnight? Get rich quick ? Yeah, most probably. Even I also thought the same when I saw an Ad about the system for the very first time.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I come to know about a Get Rich Quick scheme, I immediately become skeptical, because earning money is not that easy. It requires hard work, dedication and consistency. Otherwise, everyone would have been a millionaire.

So, is Overnight Millionaire a scam ? Well, I have done some digging and found out a lot of information, which I’m going to share with you today. This Review post of Overnight Millionaire System by Wesley Virgin is going to help you decide whether you should join the program or not. Read till end to know everything about the system and also to know about my #1 recommendation.

What is Overnight Millionaire System?

Overnight Millionaire system is a program that helps you to learn some awesome mind hacking techniques. Our thought process is the greatest component of our success or failure. If you are in the field of online business, doesn’t matter a beginner or a pro, your greatest asset is your mindset. You should be always confident enough and think positive.

This is where the Overnight Millionaire System comes into play. This system provides you strategies that can help you hack your subconscious mind to work in your favor. These strategies work on your subconscious mind and creates a positive vibe inside you.

This system was founded by Wesley Virgin- one of the most successful internet marketers. Unfortunately, he has a bad reputation in the industry for his courses not being up to the mark. Although he has created a great number of courses and training which we expect to be helpful for the common people.

Overnight Millionaire System- In a Nutshell

What will you get in the Overnight Millionaire System?

There are various methods and materials that you will get inside the Overnight Millionaire System. All these methods are basically focused on hack your subconscious mind and considering yourself a millionaire already, i.e., the millionaire mindset.

Let’s have a look at the materials that you will get inside the system-

  • Audio Series: The system includes a 5 set audio series which you will have to listen for 60 days. These audio files work on your subconscious mind and helps in removing negative thoughts so that you can radiate with positivity.
  • Video Series: The video sets are quite motivational and these are known as Transcendental Meditation. Videos are full of information and quite motivational, to be honest. You can follow the instructions effortlessly and realize the power of meditation and boost your confidence.
  • Mind-hacks: In this section, you will be provided with a cheat sheet which will help you set the mood right. This also teaches you how to imagine yourself as a millionaire and act as one before you really become a millionaire. This helps to create habits of rich people and enact their lifestyle in your own life.

How Does the Overnight Millionaire System Work?

So the basic principle behind the working of this system lies in hack your mindset. The system teaches you how to generate the correct mindset by the use of brainwave manipulation. After undergoing the course, you will be able to think like a millionaire, work like a millionaire and ultimately reach your target of being a millionaire.

The system will teach you many techniques which includes-

  • Journal Writing- In this section you will be taught how to write a journal for yourself so that you can keep track of in which direction you are moving. It is an ultimate tool to achieve your goals.
  • Manifest faster- This part of the program will teach you how to manifest things faster. Here, you will be able to learn the power of visualization.
  • Become a person of high value- In this part of the training, you will learn to pay attention to your self-esteem. You will be able to improve your mindset & confidence and will outshine others in the process.
  • Create unbelievable confidence- We all know that confidence is the key to success. So we must be radiating with confidence all the time. There are many obstacles in life which we must avert to attain success. In this section, you will be taught how you can master the art of being confident.
  • Create multiple income streams- If you are doing online business, then one stream of income may not be enough for you. In this case, you will need several income streams to lead your desired lifestyle, and that is exactly what you will be taught in this part.
  • Master of Persuasion- This teaches you how to develop yourself as one of the best persuaders. In case of business, persuasion is an art. You can only excel in the field when people are convinced to try out your products. In this part, you will learn how to persuade people without annoying them.

Who is It For ?

The one positive thing about this program is that it is not limited for a particular type of people. It is useful for basically everyone- internet marketer to normal businessmen, everyone can use this program. Since this program is created around motivation and/or meditation, so there is a high chance that you will like it. I will just advise you to be careful about the upsells.

One thing you must remember that this program will only teach you the mind-hacks, how to improve thinking, personality etc., but will not make money for you. The term “overnight” in the name of this program actually means that it will teach you how to think like a millionaire overnight, but it will not make you millionaire overnight. It’s just a misnomer.

So, if you are willing to work hard and eager to learn a lot on your journey onward, then only go for this program.

Pros and Cons

Like every other program, this one also has lots merits and demerits. Let’s have a look at them-


  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Everyone can relate to these techniques, from businessmen to a common man
  • Quite powerful meditation
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Low price
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Lots of upsells are there
  • Courses by the author are often considered as below par


1. What kind of course/program is this ?

=> Actually this is a course which teaches you mind-hacking. Basically it teaches you how to reprogram your subconscious mind and adopt the behavior of a millionaire before you really become one. There are lots of powerful meditation technique inside the program.

2. Can I make money online by using this program ?

=> Actually, this is not a money making program, rather it will teach you how to get the right mindset to make money.

3. I want to be an affiliate marketer. Is this system useful for me ?

=> It really doesn’t matter who you are, this program can be useful for any person. You may be an aspiring or experienced online marketer or a normal people, this program provides information and mind-hacks that can be useful for anyone or everyone. You may or may not make money, but the advice and meditation strategies will definitely help you, there is no doubt.

4. Is success guaranteed after I use this program ?

=> Well, anything is not guaranteed in the digital work space. You need to work hard with extreme focus to become successful. This is the exact case with the Overnight Millionaire program. If you follow the instructions and the meditation techniques, then even if you don’t become a millionaire, you’ll at least be motivated to work smart and will be able to boost your confidence.


The immediate price of the Overnight Millionaire system is just $27. But once you buy the course you will see lots of upsells are there, which either may be related to or independent to this course.

This price point comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. So you have less to worry if you invest in the program. You can try the program once and if not satisfied with the content, simply apply for a refund.

My Final Verdict

Well, I will not recommend this program if you are just a normal person and everything is going right in your life. But if you are someone who is in dire need of motivation, especially if you are in the field of online business and having a bad time and need some motivation to stay focused on your journey then go ahead!

This program is certainly not a scam, but it can not be rated high as well. So, as I said if you need some motivation to make money then you can click here and buy the course. You are covered by 60 days money back guarantee, so no need to worry.

My Rating: 5.0/10.0

My Verdict: Not a Scam

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