Is The Empower Network a Scam or is it a real opportunity?

  • Product Name: Empower Network.
  • Overall Ranking:25 out of 100.
  • Price: Starts off at $25/Month + $19.95 to promote their lowest product, then upsells of $100/Month for the Inner Circle Membership, $497/one time for Top Producer Formula, $1,000/one time for the Team Building Formula, and $3,500/one time for the Mass Influence Formula.
  • Owners: David Wood and David Sharpe
  • Website:

So is the Empower Network a Scam?

Is The Empower Network a scam? If you’ve been searching around the Internet, you may have already seen some reviews on the Empower Network both positive and negative. As you know, I’ve already given it a poor ranking, but I’ll explain why coming up.

From a personal standpoint when it comes to creating a successful business online, number 1: It’s important to make money if that’s what your goal is and 2: You must have a degree of honor/ethics as well in my opinion because from a personal standpoint but also from a business perspective too. You have to give someone something of genuine value before you get something in return, and I do not see that with this product for the majority of people. I’ll explain in full in this review, and then you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you!

is the Empower Network a Scam in 2015?


Empower Network is aggressively marketed as an online business opportunity like no other which enables people to achieve success online without going through all of the struggles and pitfalls that are common to building a successful business online. The program is basically that you’ll hand over your money so you can have the opportunity to promote their products and get the chance of earning commissions by getting other people to join under you by doing the same thing!

What is the product? In a nutshell, you have the opportunity to make money by selling the thin air to other people then they have the chance to resell on that thin air to others and the cycle continues. When people have gone “All In” as they like to put it then the only way they can recoup as much as $5,000 paid is by getting other people to join the program too!

Pros and Cons

Before I reel off the advantages and disadvantages, in the case of Empower Network, there aren’t many pros. There is no real product to promote, which I know sounds crazy but it just shows the power of marketing. There are some good Internet Marketing lessons but not until you get up to the $1,000 -$3,500 to get into the excellent content.Is the Empower Network a Scam in 2015?


  •  You get a ready-made Empower Network blog that’s ready to go so you can promote their products.


  •  There is no actual description of what you’re promoting, what the business model is or what you will be doing to succeed.
  • You have actually to pay $20 a month just to get paid at all.
  • There’s no free trial.
  • Constant up selling.
  • No support from the owners.
  • Unethical sales tactics are frequently needed after you’ve joined to get others to join.
  • Too many stories and horrible complaints from people online who have been treated poorly by the organization.
  • Not Newbie friendly (If you’re building a team under you and you’re new to Internet Marketing with no experience then without trying to be smart or anything how can you help people below you to market their site when you’re unsure yourself what the right thing to do is.
  • You only get paid at the level you’re currently at. E.g. You join on the $25 a month blog, and someone purchases the Mass Influence Formula that costs $3,500 through your link. You will never see a single cent of that because you haven’t gone up to that level yourself even though the individual purchased through you. What a joke!

 Who is it for?

The Empower Network is promoted as something that anyone can earn significant money on, fast and with little effort. If this was to be 100% right then great but the reality is very different!

If you’re a newbie no doubt it’s possible that you can succeed using the program with hard work and dedication, but the actual success rate is very low as Empower Network is not newbie friendly, which is proven here by success rate stats from their site here:  Current Empower Network Earning Statistics 

The people who have become successful mostly have a background in Internet Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing already. It’s marketed as a system for everyone, but you will have to work extremely hard to build a downline (nothing wrong with hard work) but very often this is achieved using ruthless tactics to get people to join up because you’re not actually selling anything to your recruits except being able to show them how to promote what you’re currently promoting while appealing to their dreams in the process.

 So how does the Empower Network compensation plan work?

 I’ll show you a quick example how of the “Dynamic Power-Line System”(Payment Structure) works using the starter $25 per month Kalatu Blog system:

  1.  You sponsor Mark under you like your first referral, and you will receive an automatic $25 monthly recurring income through Mark as now part of your downline.
  2. Your next referrals number’s 2,4 and six will be passed through to your sponsor and then every 5th referral after that, in this case, no. 11, 16, 21 and so on. You will not earn any money from those referrals at all.
  3. You would make money off the referrals of 3,5 7-10 before you give your sponsor every 5th referral from 11 onwards.
  4. Just as your sponsor get those referrals from your hard work, the same will happen for you if Mark your initial referral goes and starts to make sales, which in this case you will receive number’s 2,4,6 and then 11, 16, 21 if he goes that far with his sales.
  5. Mark gets to keep sales 1,3,5,7-10,11,16 and so on.

As you can see the more, you get into this the more it becomes quite apparent it becomes that a background in this type of recruitment is paramount.

If you’re a shy individual who is not into aggressive recruitment and doesn’t enjoy hard selling regardless of what happens to the person your joining up then I would stay away from this program.

Besides the fact that all they’re selling is a recipe for people to promote the same “Recipe” thus giving no real value to their customers you need to have a certain type of personality to succeed at this. If your not willing to adopt this kind of character than in a lot of cases it will be extremely hard for people to succeed!

 Training and Tools Overview

The actual training materials in Empower Network are entirely centered around how to promote it to other people. There are many different levels of Empower Network’s training which I’ll go through below, but first, you must realize that if you decide to become a member of Empower Network, the most important thing in most cases to help you get started on the fastest track possible is that you:

  1.  Join under a great sponsor who knows what they’re doing in this industry because it’s very important that you learn the ropes from someone who knows what they’re doing. Don’t join under someone just because you like some content they’ve written online but has no real experience doing this. If your sponsor is a bad teacher, you could potentially lose a lot of money.
  2. You must be a great teacher yourself because if and know a good deal about Internet/Multi-Level Marketing yourself because if you will have to teach your recruits how to make money doing this. If you’re a complete newbie to this yourself, then people very often will not want to join under you because they’ll be limited to what they can learn from you.
  3. Another very important note to make is that to make some significant money from the Empower Network; you will have to purchase virtually all of their products that will cost you up to 5k and then $140+ each month. The fewer products you buy, the less money you earn because as I said earlier you only get paid to the level you’re currently at! If you join ten people up each, pay $3,500 for the Mass Influence Formula, but you’re only at the Inner Circle Membership level which is at $100 a month then you won’t see 1cent of that money even after all of your hard work.


The support network is not the best that I’ve seen out there. You don’t get access the owners for help unlike some other programs in the industry.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints from members who did not get sufficient support from their sponsors when they chose not to go “All In” as they like to put it or “Don’t be a Wussy” which the other famous phrase that has often been used. Just because they wanted to recoup the initial payment they made in the program which makes perfect business sense and a healthy way to run your business.

 This all comes back to what I said previously, if you’re going to do this you must find someone that knows what they’re doing to sponsor you but also someone that won’t try to belittle you if you don’t go all in. Me personally in this day and age if someone sought to pressure me into something I wasn’t 100% behind by calling me a wussy I’d tell them where to go very quickly! We’re all adults here and, unfortunately, it does happen, but it’s very disrespectful no one should be talked to in that manner!


I’ll go through the different levels of Empower Network but remember that you will only ever make money at the level you’ve purchased. If you only join at the minimum level, then you will not receive any commissions from your referrals if they decide to buy products at a higher level than what you’re currently at.

 Kalatu Blogging Platform – $25 a month

The first level of Empower Network is the Kalatu blogging platform. This level contains the fast training and checklists to help you set up the foundation to get started, as well as this you will also get the back office system, capture page systems and the Monday Night Power Hour where you will hear from the two David’s mostly talk about how to recruit more people. You are required to purchase this level before moving on to the next level.

 E-wallet – $19.99 a month

If you want to get paid, you need to pay for their payment processor, which is most, definitely the norm. Usually, if you’re paying for e.g. a blogging platform at $25 a month that is more than enough to get started and besides that it should be free to promote their affiliate product as it is with just about every affiliate product out there! For Empower Network you have to pay them an extra $19.99 a month just to promote their products so before you even get started you’re $44.99 down which is an absolute joke and it’s a reason why reputable card companies stay away from this Network as it’s just within the boundaries of what is legal and proper practice.

 The Inner Circle Membership – $100 a month

 For $100 a month you get access to the Inner Circle and once you join at this level you can then earn $100 when you refer people at this level. The Inner Circle membership is basically a bunch of audios bragging about all the money they’ve made while they’re sitting on their yachts talking about how great the Empower Network has been for them all for an extra $100 a month on top of the $44.99 you’re already paying so now we’re up to $144.99 a month.

 $497 for the Top Producer Formula

This one is a once off payment about how to build and scale your business for the long-term. There is some helpful info for people who are just getting started covering marketing strategies such as SEO, generating leads online, solo ads etc. It’s useful material but go anywhere online in 2015 and you can get most of this stuff for free anyway.


$1,000 for the Team-Building formula

For $1,000 you get more of the same from the previous level. It teaches you downline how to market online and generate leads. It’s a video series with 9 in total.


 $3,500 for the Mass-Influence Formula

The Mass-Influence Formula consists of 41 individual pieces of training and a workbook that allows members to earn as they learn. Again some useful material here but for $3,500 I mean come on! It’s mostly about motivation and getting people fired up!


Personally, I would stay well away from this one. I can only speak for myself here but when I look at the bigger picture, will this make me money? No doubt it would if I’m willing to put in the hard work necessary to make it happen but to join under someone else for $25 a month and then get bombarded with upsells up to well over $5,000 including the monthly cost of $144.99 then no way would I recommend it.

There’s far better products out there including my Number One Recommendation for Building a Business Online which is free to get started on!

On top of that, the thing that baffles me more than anything else is the fact that you’re not selling anything to anyone except the idea of selling on the Empower Network again, the whole thing is nuts!

On top of that, I consider myself a nice person with a moral conscience, I’m by no means perfect, but I would never bully anyone into purchasing anything by calling them a wussy or anything like that. When I don’t even believe in the product myself I’m not going to take $5,000 of someone else’s money; I’ll find a more honest and ethical way in my eyes to achieve wealth.

Rant over!

Here’s a great video from someone who was a member of Empower Network but has since moved on!

 Final Glance at The Empower Network:

  • Product Name: Empower Network.
  • Overall Ranking:25 out of 100.
  • Price: Starts off at $25/Month + $19.95 to promote their lowest product, then upsells of $100/Month for the Inner Circle Membership, $497/one time for Top Producer Formula, $1,000/one time for the Team Building Formula, and $3,500/one time for the Mass Influence Formula.
  • Owners: David Wood and David Sharpe
  • Website:

Final Verdict: Is the Empower Network a Scam? I would say no because they pay out when you make a referral within the rules but there are much better opportunities online in my opinion and for a lot cheaper too!

I hope you enjoyed this post to as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have had any experiences with the Empower Network and you want to add them below then, I’d love to hear them, and if you have any questions or comment, in general, let me know as I’m here to help!


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