Keyword Research – Why is it so important?

With so much talk of Keyword Research from the gurus online promising to have the answers to of finding the right keywords for your online site, doing keyword research the correct way and cracking the code on keyword mastery, I have never once heard anyone explain to a beginner online what exactly are keywords? And how do they work for your chosen niche online?

 What is a Keyword Research?

google-suggest_keyword-researchKeyword Research is when someone types a word into a search engine (like Google or Yahoo). It is when they are looking for something, and it can do absolutely anything. Think of your life and if you’ve ever used the internet for anything then you’ve typed in many keywords to things that were important to you at that time and straight over to the big G you went for any answers you could find!

Now as a website owner, it’s essential that you understand the importance of quality keywords for your site because as someone types in a search Google or whatever search engine you’re on will provide that individual with what they consider the most relevant search results for that keyword search!

What are The Factors for Effective Keyword Research?


1. They must be low competition keywords: If I’m going after keywords that have a massive amount of competition, I mean hundreds to thousands of competing pages then I’m going to find it very hard to rank well.

Now don’t get me wrong here the content I create might well be far superior to most of the pages I’m competing against but the less competition, the better so when you’re doing Keyword Research, look for the QSR (quote search results) which is some competing pages in Google.

The sweet spot for QSR is 300 competing pages or less, and right now the only tool I know of that knows of these stats is the one above which I use myself to great success which is Jaaxy!

Lol, it could well be the reason you’re reading this now!

2. They must get some traffic (Ideally over 50 searches per month): When starting out too many people go after the big keywords, but it’s the ‘low hanging fruit’ as people like to call them that are the one’s worth pursuing.

Don’t get me wrong if you can hit a home run then great milk it for all it’s worth but don’t waste too much time trying to. As you start to build lots of content for your site, you will be writing many posts that deliver quality content to your audience. As you continue to do this on a consistent basis you will start to get lots of traffic to your site, and you will build your site into an authority site so aim for high-quality, low traffic keywords and focus on truly helping your audience and your site will only grow regarding your daily traffic!

3. Concentrate on the user, not the search engines: Keyword ResearchYour Keyword Research must make human sense, remember to write with the user in mind not by looking to rank high in the search engines, reading must be natural for the user.

Take this example here: How to Six Pack vs. How to Build Six Pack Abs!

When creating a theme to write on you couldn’t write on the first one, it doesn’t make sense so don’t waste time trying to squeeze it in there hoping to get some traffic on it, forget about it and target a different keyword!

 Go on then and type in another search term in Jaaxy!

Use the three Keyword Research techniques above and type another search into Jaaxy regarding your chosen niche and you’ll get lots of great keywords to create enough content on to last you for many years to come!

If you have questions or comments regarding keywords then just ask below, and I’m more than happy to help.


Stephen, owner Honest Affiliate Income.

Stephen McGouran

Hi all Stephen McGouran here and I hope you're enjoying this post. This is my site Honest Affiliate Income and I got it started to help new people online make the proper decisions when getting an education online about how to build an online business around something they love doing! Enjoy and if you have any questions just let me know, Stephen!

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