My Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire


Price: $37 and monthly membership

Owner: Anthony Tristar

Overall Rank: 51 out of 100

 The Product

This Coffee Shop Millionaire Review is a full breakdown of the product, who it’s for and if it’s worth investing in or is there better products/courses on the market for people looking to get started online.

Coffee Shop Millionaire reviewThe Coffee Shop Millionaire(CSM) was created by Anthony Tristar, who proposes that just like the name of the product says. All you have to do is follow the course and within a very short period you can relax with your favorite late in your local coffee shop and laugh away as the money just keeps rolling in!

As nice as this sounds even before you’ve fully completed your purchase of CSM you quickly realize that it will take a lot more to achieve this financial reality than is explained!

Pros vs. Cons

  • You can easily get a refund through Clickbank.
  • The start-up costs are relatively good at $37.
  • If you’re a complete newbie to Internet marketing, the information provided for getting started is of good value.
  •   The info in the cash machines section does work and represents whole businesses by themselves if you’re looking to go specific in a particular area.
  •  The site is fairly upfront about the real earning potential and the amount of work that’s involved.

Cons :

  • Once you pay the $37 start up you are then bombarded with up-sells which leave you potentially paying more than ten times what you thought you would have initially.
  • The training is well dated with no signs of staying relevant with the current Internet climate.
  • All of the positive reviews online are the result of a “Guru” launch.
  • Lots of complaints from other buyers which have gone unanswered
  •    There is no clear path to follow; there is no real flow to the course, and it feels like a collection of various elements of Internet marketing just thrown together with no real connection.

Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire for?

Coffee Shop Millionaire ReviewCoffee Shop Millionaire is marketed as suitable for everyone of all levels. The course is supposed to teach you how to sell services such as SEO, email, Video Marketing and Local business marketing, etc. but unfortunately, most of the lessons from the course are so vague with poor attention to detail.

With each lesson, you can review it as often as you need to but from there the hard work just begins as far as getting it to work in the real world, so for anyone looking for an automated set it and forget it system then good luck because you won’t find it here!

What’s included in the tools and training?

You get 12 training modules in the course, and then some videos cover all of the additional information along with the forums and community that allows you to ask different questions on various topics from the course.

There is a section within the course titled Cash Machines which cover the likes of social media, article marketing email marketing, etc. The problem is that most of the pieces of training are so vague and lightweight that the chances are slim to none of creating a successful campaign in the manner in which it proposes in the initial sales video.

Does Coffee Shop Millionaire off any support?

Anthony from CSM claims to have an active community along with the standard phone/email service for current and or potential members.

That being said their Facebook page and many forums have been riddled with complaints and their Facebook page has had many basic questions go unanswered which going on your gut isn’t a good sign of things to come!

The Price – $37 per month with numerous up-sells

To get started with Anthony’s system new members have to pay $37 to get started and then membership is $37 per month, but it doesn’t stop there. Before you are even in the members area, you’re asked to upgrade to the “Six Figure Club” for $297 more so while the promotion video says it only costs $37 per month already you’re $334 down before even getting started. From $37 a month to $334 is a massive difference! On top of all that you’re getting up-sold with website and domain creation as well as hosting which has you down now well over $400 which for a newbie starting out on $37 to over $400 isn’t good for the spirit!

My Final Thoughts on Coffee Shop Millionaire

Coffee Shop Millionaire ReviewMy final verdict is that Coffee Shop Millionaire is a vague, lightweight product where you’re getting half of it for the initial cost before being bombarded by an enormous amount of up-sells where you end up paying potentially ten times the original price.

Compared to the sales video the training does not go into enough detail for all levels of marketers online to back up what has been promised initially.

Overall it is pretty lightweight as a program with ruthless marketing tactics and poor customer support!

Coffee Shop Millionaire at a glance

  • Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 and monthly membership
  • Owner: Anthony Tristar
  • Overall Rank: 51 out of 100

Verdict: Borderline Scam

For all that is promised it certainly doesn’t deliver in the real world so generally speaking, stay away from it.

I hope you enjoyed my Coffee Shop Millionaire review, and if you have had experience with this product yourself, I would love to hear from you so; please feel free to leave your comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I see them.

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Cheers, Stephen.


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