My Jaaxy Enterprise Review for 2016..Does it actually work?

I’m a big fan of Keyword Research, the way you can go into any niche and just start searching for certain terms and then find related searches to those terms that you can build a niche off online is something special. Once you have this research done for good keywords to base your content off then you have a far better chance of ranking high in Google for your niche. By applying the strategies here from my Jaaxy Enterprise review your keyword focused content will climb up the ranks in the search engines!

My Jaaxy Enterprise Review

Before I started using Jaaxy Enterprise for my Keyword Research Jaaxy Enterprise Reviewthe only keyword tool that I used to find keywords to build my content off was Google’s Keyword tool. I had paid for keyword tools through the years that I would download a particular software onto my computer and then start working away but most of the time the results were a joke, completely inaccurate and the software didn’t even work a lot of the time! Honestly, I spent a lot of the time figuring out how to get the software just to work at all before even focusing on the niche I would be working on at that time which was very annoying after spending money on something that promised me so much!

Then came along Jaaxy Enterprise!

Just as I talked about my frustration with a lot of keyword tools out there I wasn’t alone. Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate, who had no want to bring out their keyword tool themselves but did so out of pure frustration. Manually they could achieve better results than most of the tools that promised great results.

The main reason Jaaxy Enterprise was created was to produce results that really in three key areas that no other keyword has been able to gather efficiently which are…

  •  How much competition does this keyword have?
  • How much traffic does this keyword get?
  • Does the keyword make sense? It might get a lot of searches but if it doesn’t make much sense when using it to build content off for your site that discard it immediately. E.g. Create a successful website vs. success website build.

Once you have this data, the first two Jaaxy provides, and the last one is common sense then you know what to do to create great content off of and move up the ranks in the search engines.

Yes, it sounds easy to do, but obviously, you must have this data to start with because without it you’re in the dark as not all keywords will be “Money Making” keywords. Through Jaaxy, you’ll be on the correct path from the start so a lot of time and effort with being saved that otherwise would have been used on keywords with very low potential for success!

 Jaaxy puts to bed any worries people have of going into their niche and not being able to compete with the competition!

This point ties in with the previous one about finding the right data so you can plan the right way for success in your chosen niche. So many people worry that when they’re getting started that they’ll be eaten alive by the competition and won’t have shot in hell against the big boys so why to bother in the first place! With the previous data that Jaaxy provides within seconds the only problem you have can have enough time to build content around all of the high quality, low competition high search volume keywords you’ll have in your chosen niche which is a good complaint to have!

Let me show you two examples from two random niches to show you the power but also the ease in which you can find these great keywords to help grow your website…

 1. Stephen’s First Niche choice is on Dog Training:

Dog Training

With this initial broad search on Dog Training online, I got 30 searches but you can see the first 15, and they’re super high quality! The most important metric here is the traffic light system of Green, Amber, and Red under KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) and in this case as you can see the vast majority of them are green. This is exactly what we want and certainly a niche full of great keywords that we can build a website on dog training online around!

 2. Stephen’s Second Niche of choice is on Coffee Makers…

I have to say I love coffee, sometimes a bit too much and if at some point I wanted to build a website on coffee and coffee makers I would have no shortage of great keywords to build great content on that would rank high in the search engines as you can see here!

Coffee Makers

As you’ve just seen in less than a minute Jaaxy Enterprise has found at least 15 great keywords for me in two completely different niches that I just thought up in my head (even though I love coffee).Jaaxy has set me up to create two powerful campaigns which would have taken me literally hours to put together otherwise!

Want to build a business around buying and selling domains? Once again, Jaaxy Enterprise has you covered!

With every search you do in Jaaxy Enterprise it will tell you the Exact Match Domain’s (EMD’s) that are available for the corresponding search term. With what you have in your hand here the potential to build a business off domain flipping hits you quickly when you see the prices that some people are willing to pay for certain domains. Sometime’s in the $1,000’s so to be able to uncover some of these hidden gems online within a matter of seconds is mind blowing! Just click here to see and type in a keyword to see for yourself…Jaaxy Enterprise Review

All the .com, .org and .net domains are available and because Google still ranks sites with the keywords in them high up in the search engines you’re looking at 1,000’s of clicks for your site and all because Jaaxy Enterprise found the domain available and ready to go!


Choosing the option with Jaaxy that fits your current budget the best!

I could go on all day about the many more benefits of using Jaaxy for your online business like seeing where your site is ranked in Google (what page am I on?), analyzing my competition, finding affiliate programs and much more, Jaaxy Enterprise has been a massive help for me personally!

I just want to go through the different options of Jaaxy, and you’ll know after reading this which one suits your budget the best. From someone getting started, to someone that understands the importance of Keywords to run a website to the power user I go through it all here!

 Jaaxy Starter = Free.

Jaaxy PRO = $19 per month, $199 per year.

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month (discount for this week only) $499 per year.

 Choose the Jaaxy plan that fits your budget best here!

From the very start I have been a power user ($49 per month) because if I’m to be successful in my chosen niche online, I want to have the best possible chance over my competition, and Jaaxy Enterprise has given me this. If you’re new to keyword research and you’re just getting started online. If you’re on a limited budget, then Jaaxy Pro is still fantastic, but it doesn’t have all of the tools of Jaaxy Enterprise and isn’t a fast when getting results.

Another great thing about Jaaxy is that it can be used on your phone as well as your laptop so you can do keyword research anywhere with an Internet connection. As I said earlier no more installing software like some of the other keyword programs which more often than not deliver poor results and take up unwanted space on your laptop!

If you’re ready to get started doing your keyword research with Jaaxy then just type in your keyword of choice below in this box, and you’re on your way!


If you’ve any questions or comments about Jaaxy, I’d love to hear them below. I’ve had a great experience with this keyword tool so if there is anything you want to ask about my experience with it or more about the different options to the program just let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as I see your question!


Stephen, owner .

Stephen McGouran

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