Wealthy Affiliate Review Your Way To Success 2017!!

• Name: Wealthy Affiliate

​• Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

​• Price: $0 Starter Membership

​• Owners: Kyle and Carson

​• Overall Rank: 96 out of 100

​• Who’s it for: From Beginner to Expert.(All Levels)

My Wealthy Affiliate Review...

In writing this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I'll show what separates this from the many other make money online products out there! I have honestly tried close to a hundred different products and spent many 1000's of dollars at this stage with each of these products claiming to make you rich with little to no effort online, and the vast majority of them have done anything but deliver.

Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, I'll show you why:

This is a long review, over 5,000 words and well worth reading all the way through to have all your questions answered regarding Wealthy Affiliate, but if you just want to get started you can Join Wealthy Affiliate here to get  your FREE Starter Account now!

Why Being a Wealthy Affiliate Makes Sense!

If you are on this Wealthy Affiliate Review, chances are you are interested in a few things, one of them could be learning how to create a successful business online then being able actually to do it. The platform at Wealthy Affiliate show's you how to make this happen as well as anyone in the online world.

If you are just starting out online, and you have a passion that you'd like to share through a website or are just looking to earn extra income for yourself but don't know where to start then, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to get going.

Once you're willing to put the time and effort in and work through the modules one at a time than achieving success online will only be a matter of time!

Here are some of the most common positives that people love about WA:

  • The Getting Started Online Training (this process is entirely SIMPLIFIED and FREE to get started!)
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training, Live Classroom Training and Courses covering everything online from writing articles for your niche to creating YouTube videos to drive traffic to your web page.
  • The positive online community where everyone is there to help others to succeed and believe me so many times when I was starting out and needed a lot of aid I always got my questions answered, and people went out of their way to help me, and it hasn't stopped!
  • Online support 24 hours a day (Ask any question and Kyle and Carson the owners will be there responding as soon as they can.)
  • WA makes the process of building a website from scratch easy and straightforward.This one made a massive difference for me, something I never got from other Affiliate Marketing Products.
  • 13 interactive classrooms dealing with every topic from getting started to email marketing, WordPress, PPC Advertising, etc. all attached to a live Q&A with 1000's of members on hand give help!
  • Completely FREE to Getting Started! (with zero up-sells)

The last one here has what sealed it for me and got me started on my path to success online. I didn't want to join something and pay through the roof without knowing anything about it so to be able to get started completely free made a big difference for me. I don’t want to pay big money up front and end up being disappointed with the program thus being angry with myself so when I set up my free starter account I got going with a real feel for the community and all it has to offer without having to pay for anything!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Right From The Beginning:

Wealthy Affiliate began way back in 2005 when the owners Kyle and Carson decided to join forces and create a platform that as Carson says “Would bridge the gap between education, social networking and technology. Little did they know over ten years later Wealthy Affiliate has grown into the number one online community for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn about Internet/Affiliate marketing and building an online business.

Since the early days of Wealthy Affiliate University Kyle and Carson have helped create many success stories of people who learned how to become successful Bloggers in their chosen niche because they learned early on through proper training and education the correct system for how to move products online.

But It’s more Than Just a Website:

If you’ve seen other people online describe Wealthy Affiliate as a community rather than just a training site, well it’s because it’s true. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I describe it as an animal that’s always evolving. As online marketing changes, what worked at one time may not work anymore so as things change online new training and education is introduced into Wealthy Affiliate to help online marketers refine their skills so they can continue to grow and build their website and help each other make money online.

That Being Said:

The Wealthy Affiliate University is not a get rich quick scheme; it’s not a Pyramid scheme or anything else that promises success without hard work and dedication. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort to achieve success online. Unlike a lot of the other programs online that promise overnight success Wealthy affiliate doesn’t but it gives you all the tools, training, online support and educations you’ll ever need to build a successful website that will pay you back for years to come!

The point of all this is if you want to achieve success online you need all the help you can get, and that support must come from people who’ve achieved real success online and know what they're talking about.

In Kyle and Carson, you have two millionaires who have made their money in the online world and are available in the Wealthy Affiliate community daily. What they have created is newbie friendly training in their online training certification program that not only leads you step by step in your chosen niche but also allows you to see the bigger picture with your business and what you will achieve long-term!

Training for beginner and advanced levels Too:

You’ll Learn About:

  • How to set up your first website in just a few simple steps.
  • How to quickly find profitable niche markets that you already have an interest in.
  • How to perform effective keyword research using Wealthy Affiliates Free Keyword Tool to find Low-Hanging-Fruit!
  • How to quickly build a Blog from the ground up that will look professional but more importantly, drive traffic to your site and turn you into an authority in that niche.
  • So much more that I could go on all day!!

When you join, it’s free to get started, and you get two blogs for free to get your feet wet. You can find out if this is a path you want to take and if you’re not happy, just leave and the only thing you’ve lost is the time you took to try it out!

You can sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account here to see what WA has to offer!

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate is essentially for anyone and everyone. Within the online entrepreneur certification course that we mentioned previously, WA teaches you how to market online successfully through the building and expanding of an online business. But you must be willing to learn new skills, take action and be ready to put in the time and effort necessary to get to where you need to be to achieve success. If you’re not willing to do this, then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you!

If this is you and you’re ready to take action, then Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for you no matter what your background! Even though I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for beginners, it’s also suitable for intermediate and advanced marketers who want to take their game to the next level, and it caters for anyone who doesn’t have a big budget to use on high priced marketing courses.

From beginners with zero knowledge to more experienced online marketers Wealthy Affiliate caters for all levels but if I can elaborate a bit more here..

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable but is not limited to the following:

  • College Students that need some extra money.
  • University Students that are looking for a way to finance their education and what is often the case, their social life lol as that is a major part of University for many students.
  • Retired Individuals that have more time on their hands and now they want to use that time earning more money.
  • The Unemployed who are finding a job to suit their current skill set.
  • New Career Seekers.
  • Individuals that are on minimum wage and want to supplement their income.
  • Residual Income seekers.
  • People who want to travel a lot and work at the same time.
  • Part-time Employment.
  • People that are sick and tired of working for someone else.
  • Someone that wants to build their own website quickly and easily and fast.
  • Laid off Employees that are finding it hard to get another job in their area of expertise.
  • People who want to earn money honestly online by providing value to their target audience and aren’t looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  • Bloggers that want to learn how to make money from their blogs.
  • People that want to learn about affiliate marketing.
  • Stay-at-Home Moms that are looking for a real opportunity to increase their ability to earn more money.
  • Folks that want to turn their passion/hobby into another source of income on the side.
  • People that are fed up with the 9-5 rat race and are looking for a way to get past it all honestly and ethically.

I could keep going all day, but you see what I mean!!

I’ve seen people inside WA become successful from all kind of backgrounds, many beginners have learned from the ground up taking this training, then you have bloggers who have been at it for a while as well as individuals earning a full-time income online who wanted to take it to the next level.

The beauty of it all is that unlike an offline brick and mortar business there is very little start up costs for anyone looking to get in the game and even less again to get initiated in WA now that it’s free to try it out.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

The training courses inside Wealthy Affiliate are as good as any I’ve seen on the market. Unlike most training programs online where you pay for an ebook or a once off course, and then you’re done, Wealthy Affiliate is continually evolving as the internet is and that’s what makes the difference in this online University/Community.

There are more than 500 training modules within Wealthy Affiliate that teach you everything from how to set up a website if you’re a just getting started to outsourcing writers to create content for your website.

The training is regularly updated, so you’re learning and implementing the latest tactics to keep your site ranked high in the search engines, driving traffic and earning money for yourself.

Although Wealthy Affiliate teaches you different types of strategies to become successful online, they mainly focus on affiliate marketing which is basically when someone lands on your website that has an interest in your niche.

When you recommend a product or service to your audience in that niche, and they decide to purchase that product or service through you, then you will get a referral commission for driving that traffic to the product owners website at no extra cost to the person who purchased the product.

Some of The Training that Wealthy Affiliate Provides:

1. The Online Entrepreneur Certification Program – This program is divided into five courses with ten subsections in each course with the first class free with your starter account. This is an excellent course that teaches people everything from how to set up a website, to getting your site ranked, finding a niche and creating unique content to satisfy the audience in that niche.

2. The WA Affiliate Bootcamp – This training is divided up into seven courses with ten subsections in each course. Just like in the Certification program the first class is free when you set up your starter account. Here you are given the opportunity to promote Wealthy Affiliate to others who could benefit from this online community, and they also go into details on paid traffic methods using Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing.

3. Weekly Live Webinar Training with Jay – Every week without fail for as log as I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate Jay host live webinar training that focuses on every aspect of your website that will help to grow your business and earn more money from your websites.

I honestly don’t know if Jay even gets paid to do this and that’s no joke but his knowledge on so many different areas of building a successful website is off the charts!

These topics include but aren’t limited to:

• How to rank in the search engines.

• How to structure your content for your audience the right way.

• How to use video marketing for maximum effect and get more traffic to your website.

• Much much more with over 100+ live webinars now all with a Q&A section at the end.

4. Lots more classrooms on many different topics that will get your websites to the top and keep them there.

It Takes a Community to Create a Success Story:

One of the best things for me when I joined Wealthy Affiliate initially and I was learning the ropes was all of the great help I was getting, people genuinely care and want me to succeed. As I would work through different levels of training, I would always do my best to figure things out.

Whenever I'd gotten to the point where I knew I needed help I've never had to go and check in Google or spend hours on different forums as all the help I've needed has been right there within Wealthy Affiliate.• Support is offered 24 hours a day all year round

• There's live Q&A's.

• You can Private Message Kyle and Carson if you want to and they always get back to you promptly.

Kyle and Carson

Kyle does care, when I was working on the first phase of the program, he sent me a personal message out of the blue, and this is the CEO of the company who has to answer hundreds of people on a daily basis! He genuinely cares and when I replied back to him to say cheers and got back to me again to acknowledge it, and it meant a lot for someone who was just finding his way!

What Sort of Work Will You Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate?

When you're starting out at WA and learning the ropes, you'll be building out your website within your chosen niche, and this is all covered in the WA Bootcamps and Training Courses.

Whatever niche you decide to work in take the time to make it a success as you build out your authority site, and success will follow!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories:

Before we go through the different options you have at Wealthy Affiliate I would like to go through a few success stories that have come from people that decided to join the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Always remember that each one of these individuals had a goal​ in mind when they got started to make their online business work. There are many ways to make money online including Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or CPA Affiliate Marketing.

Some people use a combination of all three. I have a site currently in development around health and fitness​ and I plan on using a combination of ads, affiliate programs, and business to business products that will benefit other people in the health and fitness industry. Fitness is a big part of my life too so it's a win/win!

P.S.  I just want to say from a personal standpoint, this section of my Wealthy Affiliate review has been by far the most rewarding​. I've written a small piece on 7 different members of WA. I could have done many more but this is more than enough. The rest of this review is mainly of the features that WA has to offer, but here it's about the people who've taken the bull by the horns! They've been given the tools and support they needed to succeed and backed it up with faith and a strong work ethic. The results vary, but they speak for themselves!

They've all been gracious enough to let me include them, write a little piece on each of them. It's been an honor and a pleasure and I hope I've represented them well!

OK then back to some the Success Stories to come out of Wealthy Affiliate:​

Colton James

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

​Colton became a member of Wealthy Affiliate in November 2014 when he decided to quit his job working at a gas station so he could go full time in the online marketing world.

"My First $10,000 Month!"​

​That's right! In December 2015 Colton hit the 10k mark earning $10,300.86 just before Christmas.

​He certainly put the hard work, dedication and time behind his success but he'd be the first to tell you it was worth it now that he chooses when he wants to work and doesn't have to answer to a boss!

​Colton has most of his success through Amazon and you can read all about how he achieved his success here!

​Doug Beney

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

​Doug joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2014 and since then he's been covering some serious ground! At just 18 years old he's already taking control of his financial future with no signs of slowing down!

​"$6,340.95 In The Month Of November!"

​You can see how Doug achieved this financial goal above here . As you'll see though, doug like a lot of other WA members, gives back to the community by showing people exactly how he's achieved success so other's can follow!

​Check out some of his sites below to see what he's all about:

​Suzette H

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

​For me Suzette's story is a beautiful one. We all have a profile at WA that talks about who we are etc. The usual. Suzette joined Wealthy Affiliate in October 2014 and has since gone on to two great sites that she's a real passion for.

When you read her story though, what did it for me personally, is how she's been able to quit her job that was causing her considerable stress in her life.

Not now though, she's spending more time with her family, she's happier and her stress levels have dropped big-time! As we all know nothing is more important than your health.

If and when you decide to get started with Wealthy Affiliate, please read her story. It's a short one but a good one!

Check out Suzette's sites below:​

​Eddy Salamon

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

​Eddy joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2007 and then early 2008 was when he started to make a full-time living off what he learnt at Wealthy Affiliate.

​As Eddy put it:

"Around that time is when I did the math. I was finally making more money part time with my internet marketing career than I was full time in Corporate America. So I made the choice to leave and have never looked back."

"How I earned $740 Thinking Outside The box!"

​Check out how he did it in this post here!

​Eddy has taken the skills he learnt at Wealthy Affiliate and has incorporated them into his own offline business.

​Here are two of Eddy's websites among his other business ventures - He's a busy man!

​Nathaniell Brenes

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

​Nathaniell joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2010 and has been getting after it ever since!

​He's constantly active within the community sharing all he's learnt in WA and also through his own testing.

​Check out this post below for one of many examples:

​" 1 Post $300 Per Month"

​Nathaniell has also written a book on his journey in online marketing. I read it when it came out and it certainly compliments the training at WA. As well as the skills and strategies he talks about in his book he also gives you his background in how he got started online. He was living abroad, his back was against the wall and he had no choice but to make his online business work.

For less than $10(Non-Affiliate Link) you can get it here from Amazon. It's 240 pages filled with gems from someone who's been in the trenches and knows what works!

You can also check out his main site here, it's a Big-Ass site!!

​James W D

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

​James has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since October 2013. He has a ton of interests aside from building websites which had him taking a slight hiatus from the online world a few years back to get his own board-game company going, he became more more active again at Wealthy Affiliate towards the end of 2015 and has been going at it ever since building out his sites but also helping other people in the community!

​For James it hasn't just been about making money online, he's out there through his sites wanting to help others as you'll see in one of his sites below!

​I'll be checking out his board-game site myself, it's definitely an interest of mine!

​Robert Prescott

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Robert has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since august 2013.

Like all the other success stories we've mentioned before him, when he achieved success he's shared it within the community and has been there to help others and answer any questions beginner members may have that have little to no experience building a website around their passion. 

Here is one such post "How To Succeed IN Your Business"

Robert's sites range from video games sites to information about cancer to help individuals out going through this horrendous illness

His main site can be found here: 

And Finally:

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Ok so now we’re at the business end of things! What does it cost to be a part of this great community with all of this training and education? I’ll go into detail below so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for each type of membership inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is known for having two price points but in my opinion, you can count up to four, read on as we go through them now:

1. The FREE Membership - $0

As soon as you set up your starter account, you’re set up in WA and have access to all of the free tools. You also get two free websites hosted on the SiteRubix platform that you can start building out using the free training from Course 1 in either the online Entrepreneur Certification Program or the WA Bootcamp. You also get 1-on-1 coaching for the first seven days.

As a free member, you don’t get access to all of the training, but you can stay a member for as long as you want. There are limitations though as far as full access to the WA community and all of the training you would get when you’re a Premium member.

This membership is for those that are beginners to affiliate marketing and setting up a website for the first time. They’re not sure if this business is for them and this is the perfect way to “Try Before You Buy” to find out. If you take to affiliate marketing, and you’re really serious about getting into it for keeps, then the next level of membership is the way to go.

Which Brings Us To:

2. 1st Month Premium Offer - $19

In your first month of Premium membership, the investment is $19(If you take advantage of the 59% discount within the first seven days of joining.) This first month shows you what to expect when you fully commit to all of the training with very little risk involved.With this offer, you will get full access to all of the training, community support and unlimited websites to get you moving.

The first month, in my opinion, is a statement of intent from someone that is ready to invest in his or her future, takes their dreams and goals seriously and is not going to leave them in the hands of someone else. That might sound like a lot, but that is my gut feeling why so many people get into this industry because it gives them the freedom to call the shots in their own lives.

3. Premium Membership - $49

Once your first month is up and you continue to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will then be charged $49 every month from the time you joined Premium but don’t worry I’ll let you know of another way you can get WA Premium for just $29 a month so let’s keep going…

I could talk all day about all of the benefits of going Premium but here are just a few:

Unlimited Community Support

With so many experienced members of Wealthy Affiliate there to help you out, you will always be able to get your questions asked in many different areas of working online

​• Unlimited Free Websites

With the starter account at WA you get two free websites but with WA Premium you get unlimited websites, but I always recommend for beginners to get started and learn the ropes with just one at the beginning.

​• Free Hosting

​When you become a Premium member, Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to host your blogs on there for free whether it’s your own site that you imported onto their platform or a blog that you build through their SiteRubix website builder platform. This is a big one and can save you a lot of money when you have multiple websites.

​• Access to all the Training and the weekly Live Webinars

​You will get full access to all of the training that we mentioned earlier on, and you will be able to watch all of the live video classes with Jay from Affiliate Resources and even if they don’t suit your time zone they are all recorded so you can watch them again.

• Full access to the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

​Keywords are paramount in the online world when you’re looking to build out your website with relevant content for what your audience wants. With the starter account you only get 30 Keywords but with your WA Premium account, you will get unlimited keywords to help you create relevant content that will keep your audience coming back to your site again and again for more.

4. Yearly Membership - $359

As I mentioned briefly, you can reduce the price of your WA Premium investment if you go annually you will benefit by saving $229. This is the equivalent of $29.92 a month or less than $1 a day to get one of the best training platforms on affiliate/online marketing there is on the market today.

When you go yearly, something happens inside your brain that will make you more likely to commit and be successful because the investment has now been made and now it’s time to show up and put out!

​Wealthy Affiliate Starter Versus Premium

Before wrapping this up, I thought it would be important to outline some of the differences between Wealthy Affiliate Starter versus Premium to see which option suits you best.

​Everyone has different goals so only do what suits you best whether that’s

​1. Never going Premium because you’ve everything you need with the Starter option.

​2. Trying out WA Starter first to get your feet wet and then going Premium when you find out this is the road you really want to take.

​3. Or you may just go straight to Premium now.

Which option you take for the long-term is up to you, but I’ve laid out below some of the differences in both memberships to help you make the choice.

​Let’s answer a few important questions for anyone that needs to know more before committing:

1. Q: Can I run my online business with the Starter Membership.

​     A: Absolutely, as I mentioned earlier you get two free websites, hosting module 1 training and some Themes for your site which all work perfectly to get your business up and running quickly.

2. Q: Is there a time limit for how long I can stay a Starter Member?

​     A: Not at all, you can stay a Starter member for as long as you like.

3. Q: What if I just cannot afford the $49 a month for Premium?

​     A: Once again the choice is yours for which option suits you best. Only pay the monthly membership if you’re 100% committed to getting your online business off the ground and making it a success. That’s not to say you cannot do this with the Starter membership, but there is so much more training on offer as well as full access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program that makes a successful website so much easier to achieve.

So to really answer this, the choice is your but in the long-run, I would recommend at least trying out Premium for a month to see all the great benefits of going Premium.

​Here's The Deal:

​Can you achieve success with all of the extra training? Of course, but just as important as the full training, in my opinion, is the years of experience from all of the other members at Wealthy Affiliate that will help you producing a successful website faster. This means more money into your bank account that will quickly cover the $49 a month investment for going Premium.

Remember too that you can chop that $49 monthly investment into $29 a month if you go yearly and that this is an investment in your future that will pay you back many times over for years to come.

Now It's Up To You:

When you join your FREE STARTER ACCOUNT, if you decide to go Premium within the first seven days you will get your 59% discount that we mentioned above.When you create your account at WEALTHY AFFILIATE, I will contact you personally on your profile to say hello, how to get help from me and how to claim your free Wealthy Affiliate bonus which will be a significant benefit to your success going forward online!

You're At The Point Of Decision...

You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less travelled. The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you've always received.

But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your finances, you're going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome.

Click the image below, quickly fill out the form and you can begin Wealthy Affiliate immediately. It will contain everything you need to get started online.

I hope you enjoyed my Wealthy Affiliate review, and if you enjoyed it please like and share! If you have any questions or comments, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

Finally we're finished and if you made it to the end thank you very much and I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it

Cheers and Yours in Success Online,

Stephen, owner HonestAffiliateIncome.com   🙂


Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2017
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Customer Service

Summarized Overview

• Name: Wealthy Affiliate​
• Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com​
• Price: $0 Starter Membership​
• Owners: Kyle and Carson​
• Overall Rank: 96 out of 100
• Who’s it for?: From Beginner to Expert.


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