Plug-In Profits Review – Very misleading!!

  • Product Name: Plugin-Profit Site
  • Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100
  • Price: Claims to be free but it will easily cost $100+ a month if you join up to all of the available programs.
  • Owner: Stone Evans
  • Website:

A lot of people have been asking me about the Plugin Profit Site, and if it’s any use, so I went ahead and checked it out with my findings below but honestly I wasn’t all that impressed as you’ll find out quickly why here.

 So What is Plug-In Profits Review All About?

The Plugin Profit Site system was created in 2009 by Stone Evans and the only real thing that has changed since its inception is the affiliate five programs that Stone tries to get you to join if you decide to go for this system.

In the initial sales video you will stumble upon by accident, or if you’ve been looking for this program, online Stone says that he’s not here to sell you anything, but very quickly we realize this isn’t the case. He claims that he can show you how to make money for free by building you a website with a built in sales funnel. He then claims this site will help you makes quick profits once you join up to the five affiliate programs that have not been a consistent five since the program was released.Plug-In Profits Review

The problem here is that the 300 articles Stone is giving you are the same duplicate content that he’s giving to every other person that’s joining his program. Google has pretty much banned all duplicate content and with all of the Penguin and Panda updates Google regularly does it’s only a matter of time before your site is found, and Google will make sure it drops down the ranks never to be seen again.

 It Get’s Worse…

To join the actual 5 affiliate programs Stone recommends you have to pay money for all of them! This guy claims that he wants to make you money for free and then all of a sudden you’re exchanging your bank details to join all of these affiliate programs whereby Stone ends up getting a commission out of all of them through you. Very slimy tactics in my opinion and I’ve reviewed at least one of these products, and a few of them are scams in my opinion, and I’d stay well away from them. I’ll give a quick outline all of these products later on in this post.


  • You get a free website, even if it’s the same as all of the other customers who bought this site if it’s your first ever website it’s still a great feeling to roll your first website out regardless of whether it’s good or not.
  • You get an autoresponder set up with your website which enables you to email to your list.
  • The training is free.


  • The training might be free, but it is entirely outdated.
  • Completely, misleading program, marketed as showing you a system to make money for free but then all of a sudden you’ve to pay a few hundred dollars a month just to join all of the programs.
  • The program targets beginners who really can’t tell the difference between a good program and a bad one; this program is mediocre, but if you were to get started on it you’d want to have a lot of experience in Internet Marketing and MLM as well.
  • Duplicate Websites – These sites are a complete waste of time with little to no chance of ranking unless you decide to rewrite all 300 articles.
  • He’s promoting two scam products on his site that are completely unethical, and he only promotes them because they pay out big commissions.
  • You will be competing with the owner for the same customers.
  • He changes the programs he promotes within Plugin Profit Site every three months or so. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is so that he can build a downline of residual income from all of these programs.

 Who Plugin Profit Site For?

As I mentioned, earlier it’s targeted toward beginners in Internet marketing but, in my opinion, it is for people who are relatively experienced making money online and who can promote to an email list of theirs of people who trust their recommendations.

Honestly, though some of the programs that you’d be supporting are scammy products so you would have to be someone that doesn’t care about what you’re referring to people and only be interested in making as much money as possible.

 Training and Tools Overview


Plug-In Profits ReviewTools: Stone gives you a free traffic generating system, 3000 live subscribers, 25-lifetime links pointing to your site and free branding rights to his book “Dotcomology”.Remember everyone here is getting the same duplicate content you’re receiving so you will have to do a lot of work to stand out from the crowd!

Training: There are the prewritten 30 days to success training guide where he recommends you blog about anything just to get people to your site, which is a bit silly as a long-term strategy. Your content should be targeted and focused on a particular niche.


You can submit a ticket to their support desk; there is also a ‘members only’ support forum but to be able to have access to Stone himself is highly unlikely most of the time.

You can also ask for help from whoever you signed up under when joining certain products you would have signed up for. Hopefully, they are experienced in Internet Marketing and MLM because that will make life a lot easier for you.

 The Real PRICE..

As I mentioned earlier to get started with the actual tools and training etc. won’t cost you anything, but then it starts to get a little messy as far as price is concerned!

Your cost will vary on the amount of programs you decide to join, up to 5 in total. The more programs you join, the more money, you will make, but it will also cost you a few hundred dollars a month just to continue with all of the programs. The problem here, in my opinion, is that to be successful with any one of these membership sites you’ll be joining takes a lot of hard work! Nothing wrong with that but besides the fact that a few of them are borderline scams you’ll also be spreading yourself too thin as far as actually creating real success with anyone of them over the long term.

 Currently, these five programs are:

1. GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) – This is mainly a hosting company, but they also offer autoresponder services and public and private video hosting amongst other services.You will be giving Stone a commission when you sign up to this hosting provider, and this is where the payments start.

2. SFI (Strong Future International) – This is another program that’s free to start with but again there is no way you can progress without an investment so as you can see things aren’t free after all.

3. Empower Network – I did a review on the Empower Network and believe me it’s certainly not free at a few thousand dollars a year with a big monthly fee as well. Stay away from this one and if anyone tries to join you up on this one run the other way fast!

4. 7 Minute Workout – This is a high-intensity training program by Joel Therien. You have to join this program before you can make a commission off of it and with it high conversion rate Stone has kept it in his program since the beginning.

5. Dotcom Secrets – This program teaches mainly list building and traffic generation methods. Once again you will have to pay Russell Brunson money to get full access to the training, so the real price of all of this is starting to add up.


In my opinion you won’t get anything in life worth pursuing that’s free, and this training program is no different. If you want to get ranked in Google you will have to rewrite all of Stone’s 300 articles or else you’ll be promoting the same duplicate content as all of the other people who have bought into this program.

The fact that it’s marketed as free is an absolute joke and it’s blatantly obvious that Stone will profit hugely by receiving commissions from all of the programs offered, so there’s a huge payoff for him.

The training is outdated also so you really won’t get far with all of the updates from Google. My opinion is to avoid this program at all costs, and you need to learn the ropes and build a solid foundation. This can be done with Wealthy Affiliate my number 1 recommendation and it’s is free to get started in. That might sound funny after reading this review, but it is free to get going!

 Plugin Profit Site At A Glance

  • Product Name: Plugin-Profit Site
  • Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100
  • Price: Claims to be free but it will easily cost $100+ a month if you join up to all of the available programs.
  • Owner: Stone Evans
  • Website:

 Verdict – Borderline Scam!!

I’m glad you made it to the end, and I hope you enjoyed this Plug-In Profits Review, as always if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them below, and I’ll get right back to you!

Cheers, Stephen

Stephen McGouran

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