Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale 2020- Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Well, the most anticipated time for the year for every shopper has arrived. Yes, I am talking about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During this period, almost all the platforms offer some massive, out of the world discount on their products. These discounts are offered in both online and offline deals, but the online aspect seems to be more flourished as it can reach worldwide audience.

Everyone is offering huge discounts, and Wealthy Affiliate is no exception. Keeping up with its own tradition, Wealthy Affiliate is offering a special deal during this Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Most of the Wealthy Affiliate Members and aspiring and budding Affiliate Marketers were eagerly waiting for the deal.

So what’s offered inside the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale 2020 ?

We are going to discuss everything in details, including the massive bonuses that will be provided.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

At this point, I think most of you are well acquainted with Wealthy Affiliate. If not, I highly recommend you to read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate Here.

Anyways let me give you a brief introduction of Wealthy Affiliate before we proceed to the details of the Black Friday Deal.

Wealthy Affiliate is simply a platform that provides training on Affiliate Marketing. To be honest, it is one of the top Affiliate Marketing Training Courses out there. Moreover, they provide you with a hosting platform which is included inside their membership. There is no need to pay any extra bucks.

In addition to these, they also provide some of the greatest features available in the industry. To know more about Wealthy Affiliate and its amazing plethora of features, you can always refer to my Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review 2020.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale 2020- An Overview of the Event

Event: Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale 2020

Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Duration: Nov 27th – Nov 30th, 2020

Savings: Up to $200

Bonuses: (i) Building a Pandemic Proof Business in 2021- Ask Me Anything with Kyle

(ii) Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms

(iii) Become Expert in Any Niche (My Personal Bonus)

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale 2020- Details

Black Friday Special Sale 2020 event at Wealthy Affiliate will run from Friday, November 27th, 2020 to Monday, November 30th, 2020, i.e., from Black Friday till Cyber Monday.

Like every year, this year Wealthy Affiliate is going to provide a massive discount on their annual membership. If you are a starter member, i.e., you have a free account at Wealthy Affiliate or if you are a monthly Premium Member then you can upgrade to the Yearly Membership during this Black Friday weekend for a huge discounted price.

=> Don’t have a Wealthy Affiliate Account? Create One for Free right here right now.

As you know that there are total 3 types of membership available in Wealthy Affiliate- Starter, Premium and Premium Plus. The starter Membership is the free membership, so there is no question of sale/subscription. But this year, the Black Friday Sale will cover the Premium and the Premium Plus Membership, which was newly introduced into the platform in the 1st week of November, 2020.

So there will be total two offers in the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale 2020-

[1] The Premium $395 Yearly Offer

Wealthy Affiliate is offering its biggest discount ever on their Premium Membership in this Black Friday Weekend. The normal Yearly price of Wealthy Affiliate Premium is $495 and now at $395, you get a massive $100 discount and the total value will cost you only $1.08 per day which is even cheaper than a gas station coffee.

And guess what, you will be provided with everything that is included under the normal Premium Membership. You will get access to some of the best tools and training available in the industry.

I am going to outline a few of the benefits of going Yearly Premium during this sale. Remember, this is only a small portion of what you will get. If I want to explain all the benefits, it will become a short novel.

So let’s see what features are included in the Premium offer-

  • $100 off on the regular price
  • One Free .com Domain ($14 Value)
  • Elite Training
  • 52+ Expert Classes Per Year
  • Jaaxy Lite, One of the Best Keyword Research Tool in the Industry
  • An Industry Leading Website Service with World Class Hosting
  • Expert Help and Mentoring
  • $50 in Community Credits

In addition to these, there are some other awesome features such as SiteContent, Affiliate Program, Direct Message with 1000s of Experts etc. This Premium Membership Covers all Grounds.

Now let’s see move on to Premium Plus Bundle Offer.

[2] The Premium Plus+ $795 Yearly Offer

The Premium Plus+ bundle is a brand new membership that was introduced at Wealthy Affiliate in early November. It is a bundle that includes EVERYTHING within Premium, as well as some other elite services at a heavily reduced price.

This Membership is already been critically acclaimed by many of the members. People are more than satisfied with its amazing services compared to its price.

The Premium Plus+ bundle even at its regular price of Yearly $995 is a steal given its wide range of services. But this Black Friday you will get this membership at just $795 Yearly with a huge discount of $200. This works out to be just over $2 per day for this incredible service, something that is unparalleled in the industry and if you go for other platform it will cost you more than $1000 per month.

The Premium Plus+ bundle includes everything within the Premium Membership, plus some additional and higher level of access to platforms like Jaaxy Enterprise, the highest tier of hosting provided by Wealthy Affiliate, and over 200+ additional expert classes per year.

Let’s see what features are included in the Premium Plus+ bundle offer-

  • $200 off regular price
  • Two Free .com Domains ($28 Value)
  • $100 in community credits
  • Jaaxy Enterprise ($1,188 per year value)
  • Hosting for 50 Websites ($500/month value)
  • 200+ “Premium Plus+ Only” Expert Classes per year

This Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale is once in a lifetime opportunity for you to get an entire year of Premium or Premium Plus+ Membership at the biggest ever discounted rate.

Wealthy Affiliate is constantly upgrading their platform with new training and technical aspects. So it will be no wonder that they will increase their price in the coming year. So this is the best time for you to grab the deal.

What sweetens the deal is the fact that once you upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus+ via this Special Black Friday Sale, your membership will be Grandfathered at the price, which means you will be paying the same amount in the subsequent years, even if there is a price hike.

So no matter how much the price of Wealthy Affiliate Premium may go up to in the future or how many new features are added, you will always have access to this discounted yearly price point, even if Wealthy Affiliate price goes up to $1,000’s per year.

Here are your Bonuses….

Well there are few exclusive bonuses for those who purchases the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday offer. Here is what you will get if you take advantage of the amazing Black Friday offer-

Bonus #1: Building a Pandemic Proof Business in 2021 – Ask Me Anything with Kyle

Like every year, this year also Kyle, the owner of Wealthy Affiliate will go live and face various questions that are being forwarded by the community members. He is also going to provide some comprehensive and insightful ideas as to how you can overcome various hurdles in your business.

If you are trying to create a thriving online business in 2021, you will NOT want to miss this class.

Bonus #2: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)

Wealthy Affiliate is a constantly evolving platform. Every day there are several updates being rolled out, this may be an update in the training, or an update in the platform, or some changes in code which is invisible to the eyes of not so tech savvy people like us.

This year will be no different. Wealthy Affiliate is planning to roll out a huge update in 2021. In fact this is slated already as the most exciting release schedule out of any year since 2005 for Wealthy Affiliate. They have new technology, new platforms coming, and also have developed new ways and processes that are required to scale our online business.

If you grab the Black Friday 2020 deal, you will get exclusive “pre-release” access to several of these platforms. You will be granted exclusive access to some of the never seen before and some really exciting stuff.

Bonus #3: My Personal Bonus- Become Expert in Any Niche (For my Referrals Only)

If you grab the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale 2020 via any of the links given in this post, you will be enrolled as my referral and as a special perk, I will provide you a bonus named “Become Expert in Any Niche”.

Niche selection is the very basic component of your online business and this is the part where most newbies got stuck. So, armed with my special bonus, you will not face any issue regarding Niche Selection, rather, you will be able to become expert in any niche.

Grab your awesome Bonuses right here right now- (check out the following banner)

Fantastic Affiliate Opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate is often referred to as the Heaven for Affiliate Marketers. They offer a very lucrative affiliate program and gives you a chance to fly to Las Vegas, whole expense paid for the trip. If you are able to make 300 sales in a calendar year, you will be invited to the Super Affiliate Conference held every year in Las Vegas.

During this Black Friday, as an Affiliate, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate to your audience and earn a massive profit. As the price point of the Wealthy Affiliate is heavily reduced, this is the best time to approach someone who needs your help in starting Affiliate Marketing.


1. I have not yet joined Wealthy Affiliate. How can I take advantage of the Black Friday Sale 2020?

=> You can join Wealthy Affiliate for completely for free here and then take advantage of the Black Friday Deal by upgrading to Premium or Premium Plus.

2. I am already on yearly plan. Can I take advantage of this deal ?

=> Yes, Most definitely you can. Your membership will be pro-rated based on the time that you have left on your membership, regardless of which membership you choose.

3. Can I upgrade to Premium Plus+ from Premium, and then go back to Premium at another date?

=> Yes, you can upgrade to Premium Plus+ from Premium. It will be discounted by the time left on your existing billing. You can then downgrade to a Premium membership next year.

4. Is this deal worth it ?

=> 100 percent. You will get the Premium membership for $1.08 and the Premium Plus+ for $2.18 per day which cost you less than the price of a gas station Coffee. So yeah, it’s definitely worth it.

Conclusion- Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

That’s it. You have all the information needed, and trust me, this is a deal you don’t want to miss. This kind of price for such a plethora of services is kind of unrealistic. Literally, one year of Premium and Premium Plus+ Membership is cheaper than a cup of coffee per day, and I guess you can sacrifice a cup of coffee to Build a Thriving Business Online.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grab the Deal.

If you any query feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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