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Why use Grammarly when you already have Microsoft Word to spell check your content before you publish it? We’ll go through the different pros and cons here, and you can see for yourself if it’s right for you and suits your particular needs as you write and create content on a regular basis.

I've Been There:

From my experience with Grammarly, I started off with the free version using it’s few features, and I was impressed so I then went on to Premium which I utilized for this post and I’ve been happy ever since.

To answer the question Why use Grammarly I’ve listed below all of the positives in for how it has helped my writing so far…

  • 1.  You get a 7-Day FREE Trial.
  • 2.  Grammarly not only spell checks all of my blog posts, but it also makes recommendations for the structure of my sentences and overuse of certain words that Google won’t like when they scan over my content.
  • 3.  The contextual spelling checker has made a big difference even though I get it right most of the time. Words such weather and whether or they’re and there are quickly corrected and put in their proper format.
  • 4.  It helps avoid plagiarism by checking your text against over 8 billion other web pages so you can avoid getting penalized by the search engines and end up dropping out of sight in the rankings.
  • 5.  It integrates with almost any platform you use online such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even though I do my best to stay away from Facebook and focusing on my website, when I am on there it is spellchecking whatever I’m writing in real-time, so I look like a proper scholar!
  •  6. It gives a detailed explanation for why they recommend one word over another and then offers a list of alternatives for you.
  • 7.  Grammarly improves almost any text by adapting to any styles of writing.
  • 8.  24/7 rock solid support is available although I haven't needed to contact them too much for anything yet.
  • 9.  Accurate Grammar checker with more than 250 advanced grammar rules.
  • 10.  Grammarly can be a great tool for job seekers, international students with English as their second language, and non-English speaking professionals to name a few.
  • 11. It will improve your control over the English language. I just put this one last one in now because as I'm using Grammarly to make sure this post is up to scratch I have learned more about the context for one word that I've been using forever!

How To Use Grammarly

Once you’ve set up your Grammarly account figuring out how to use Grammarly is pretty straightforward. There are slight differences in how to use Grammarly for free and how to use Grammarly Premium.

What I like about Grammarly that's not something I was expecting when I decided to try this service out is the way that the free add-on extension works in real time and on just about any platform online. You download it and from there once you’re writing something in real time like a Facebook post or a Tweet Grammarly is going through it and showing any grammar errors, misspelling, etc. and offering appropriate suggestions to fix these issues.

This extension works on almost anything to do with writing in your browser, and we’ll go into how it works below.

1. Using the Free Extension:

The free extension works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Whether you go for the free version or Premium, you have access to the extension with both so as you write the extension automatically offers suggestions and corrections.

I use the making of this post as an example of how to use Grammarly. As you can see below, I’m writing it out in my WordPress admin area and as I make mistakes, and in my case a good few lol,! The red line automatically appears below and depending on some errors I make in the bottom right-hand corner they will show up instantly as critical issues and advanced issues that could be anything from spelling mistakes, contextual errors to plagiarism all showing up within seconds. Depending on the severity of the problem these will come in red for critical issues and yellow for advanced issues.

If you don’t have any issues then congratulations for starters! Grammarly goes through every piece of your content with a fine-tooth comb. If you’re like me and mistakes often show up then just click on the correct button and a pop up will appear in your browser that will display your content on the left the way it currently is with mistakes underlined and then on the right will be the correct suggestions to fix any errors you may have.

All you have to do from here is correct any errors that occurred, and there will also be suggestions to redo complete sentences that you may have written in the passive voice instead of the active voice as well as corrections for overused words.

2. Using the Web Version of Grammarly:

I tend to use the browser extension a lot more than the web version of Grammarly. If I’m getting a piece of content from someone else or if I’ve had to write an article of my own in a situation that I didn’t have access to Grammarly then I will always return to the web version and proofread the piece of content in Grammarly before publishing it.

Just like with the browser extension it’s easy to do:

1. Create your free account with Grammarly, go with the free version to get started and then upgrade if you want access to all of the features at Grammarly Premium.

2. Once you’ve set up your account, log in to your dashboard, and you will see a layout similar to the one in my account below.

3. Next either upload your content through the upload button or click new and then copy and paste.

4. Once you’ve got your piece of content uploaded Grammarly will quickly proofread it and display all of the errors/mistakes similar to the same way it’s done in the web extension browser.

5. The last step is the same as with the web extension browser, just click on the corrections for each mistake and Grammarly with quickly correct this error. Easy!

3. Grammarly also works for Microsoft Office:

Once uploaded Grammarly for Microsoft Office works similar to both the Web Extension Browser and the Web-based version.

The Add-In works for Word and Outlook and is functional for both free and Premium users of Grammarly.

The MS Office Add-In detects errors including contextual-spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style, and vocabulary enhancement.

What Does Grammarly cost?

As you well know by now, Grammarly has two options when using their service, a free version, and a paid subscription. When I got started with Grammarly, it was with the free version to test the waters and see if it was any use, which I found out quickly it was.

When you sign up on the free version, you get the extension that I mentioned earlier that works anywhere once it is installed on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Unlike Grammarly Premium it has, it’s limitations, but it allows you to check 100 points of Grammar, contextual spelling and punctuation errors.

Grammarly Premium allows you to do a lot more with your content than the free version, and you can pay monthly, but you also have the option to pay quarterly and yearly at a significant discount. After I had tried the free version I was ready to go all the way and I paid for a year straight up, as it was the cheapest.

So what does Grammarly cost? If you pay monthly it will cost you $29.95 every month, quarterly is cheaper at $59.95 that you pay every three months which works out at $19.98 a month. By far the cheapest is when you pay for a full year upfront which costs $139.95 once a year and works out at $11.66 a month.

When you join up on the free version, you will get offers to join Grammarly Premium at a discount where you could snap up a yearly subscription for under $100. When I started receiving multiple offers to go Premium, I’m not sure what the exact discount % was, but I purchased my yearly subscription for $104.97 which you’ll see in my proof of purchase receipt below, and that worked out at $8.75 a month. Needless to say, I was a happy man as it is a reduction of around 75% compared to me paying $29.95 a month for the monthly subscription!

In our opinion, the subscription is well worth the cost because even though nothing compares to a profession proofreader, it has slashed our time here at Honest Affiliate Income dramatically when creating content for our site.

This along with 24/7 phone and email support has been a great help even though we’ve never had to contact Grammarly that much because their service does such an excellent job.

When you first use this tool, it’s easy to think that you have to accept all suggestions. This is certainly not true, and as the saying goes, you have to know the rules before you can break them. If your common sense tells you that there is nothing wrong with a phrase, sentence or word, and you are confident that it does not break basic grammar rules, then you can leave it as it is. Most of the time Grammarly has been fantastic for me, but I don't agree with everything it suggests 100%.

Here's the Point:

Even with the above Grammarly has made a huge difference in my writing, I would get people commenting on my blog posts where they would recommend I spell check properly and even though I did I would miss some things, but that is not an issue anymore. Grammarly makes writing easier by providing accurate and useful corrections that we otherwise might not have seen. Although it’s not supposed to dictate your writing style, it’s a useful guide that improves both writing and proofreading skills for sure.

In the final analysis, there are much more pros than cons with Grammarly Premium. It is an excellent tool for writers. There is also a tool that lets you check for plagiarism, and you can pay to use the online one-hour translation tool. Grammarly combines the best aspects of proofreading, teaching, and community into a writing enhancement software package that will have immediate and lasting effects on you as a writer.

I hope you enjoy this post on Grammarly, and it answered any questions you have on this excellent service. If you're interested in trying out Grammarly check it out here and let me know how you get on. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think will benefit from it and if you have any questions or comments let me know below and I'll get back to you as soon as I see them.

Cheers, Stephen.

Proof Of Purchase

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